Hot Tub Healing: Battling the Common Cold

Hot Tub Healing

It’s about that time of year—time to close our pools, stay indoors, and unwittingly subject ourselves to all manner of viral infections. When I succumb to the winter sniffles, I have my go-to cures: lots of sleep, a hot cup of tea, and a movie marathon on the couch. Turns out, adding in a good soak in your hot tub can be both a great source of comfort as well as an easy way to curb a nasty cold.

In his article on, author Matt Giovanisci talks with Murray Grossan, M.D. of the Grossan Sinus and Health Institute to see if a good, steamy soak really does the trick. Grossan says, “Recall that hot tub soaks have been done for ills since before recorded time. Romans had public baths for this. Indians traveled to the hot springs at Palm Springs for Therapy. Generally, there is a valid reason for therapies that have endured for centuries.”

It’s true—human kind has used hot water immersion as a cure-all for centuries, even millennia. But what is it about a good hot tub that helps us feel better?

According to Dr. Grossan, the benefits are four-fold: relaxation, resting, raising body temperature, and treating the whole person. Here is a summary of each from Giovanisci’s article.

  • Relaxation—A relaxed person has better immunity. In anxiety, immunity is lowered.

  • Actual resting—Guess what? All animals rest for therapy. We can learn from our fellow earth creatures.

  • Raising body temperature—Again, all cultures use elevated body temp for therapy. More circulation and sweat may reduce the infection load. Increasing circulation helps bring the healing factors to the needed area. Some infections are benefited by elevating body temp.

  • Treating the whole person—You are doing something that in the past made you feel better. This triggers the brain to deliver the healing factors.

So next time you wake up with a throbbing throat, runny nose, and a seemingly insuppressible cough, remember to take a trip to your hot tub. Consider it doctor’s orders.

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