How to Choose the Best Pool Heater?

Pentair Master Temp Pool HeaterHeaters for a pool or hot tub are used to keep the temperature of the water at a comfortable level for the person using it, and are essential for maximum enjoyment.

Electric heaters are ideal for hot tubs or smaller pools. They tend to be the least expensive to buy or install, but over time may cost more to operate.  An electric heater works as water passes through a type of cylinder with the electric heating element inside. The water  increases in warmth to reach the desired temperature.

Gas heaters are more expensive to install, more efficient when in use, and less expensive to operate over an extended period of time. A gas line is required which may add to the initial cost of installation, but a gas heater will be faster in heating the water and will heat a larger volume of water in a shorter period of time. Over time the cost will be least expensive for the customer. Gas heaters are ideal for larger pools.

Heat pumps work opposite to an air condition. Where an air conditioner removes heat from the air to cool a room, a heat pump removes heat from the outside air to warm a hot tub or pool. Heat pumps tend to be expensive, but are most cost effective in moist climates due to the fact that humidity causes them to work more efficiently.

Sunplay offers a variety of types of heaters.  Once a person understands how they function, then they can choose what will benefit them the most. Choosing a heater to meet the user's need is dependent on a few variables such as the size of the pool or hot tub, location of where the pool or hot tub is located, and how often it is used. Understanding the various types of heaters (gas, electric, or heat pump), the volume of water to be heated, and what application it is used for is necessary for making the best choice for a new or replacement heater.

Sunplay highly recommends considering a cover for your pool or hot tub which will aid in retaining warmth.
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