How To Vacuum Your Inground Pool

A pool is a wonderfully relaxing addition to any home, as long as you are not the one who has to clean it. Hiring a professional pool cleaner is an expensive alternative, so most owners choose to do the work themselves. Using a robotic cleaner is the most efficient way to keep your pool clean, along with a small amount of elbow grease once a week. If you are not sure how to vacuum your inground pool, follow these quick, easy steps not only to keep your inground pool blue and sparkling, but to provide you more time to enjoy.

Skimming Debris

The first thing you want to do is use your net skimmer to remove all debris from the water’s surface. If possible, do this on a daily basis to keep it from becoming an overwhelming task and from clogging up your filter system.

Scrub the Sides

If you are manually cleaning your pool, the next thing you want to do is use a brush that is used only for scrubbing the sides of the pool. This will loosen any dirt or algae that will then float to the bottom where you can later vacuum it up. This is not a fun job, but if the sides of your pool are not clean, your water quality will continue to deteriorate.

Manually Vacuum

Now you are ready to put together your vacuum, plug it into your filter system and start to clean. You must GO SLOWLY when manually vacuuming. If you do not, you will just disturb the dirt and debris; it will float, and then a few hours later you will have to vacuum all over again. If you have lots of time and are ok with just getting some sun while you clean the bottom of the pool, then this is the job for you, but if you want to spend more time floating and less time cleaning, a robotic pool cleaner is the thing for you.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Let’s face it, we always have the best intentions and convince ourselves that we will do daily maintenance and cleaning of our pool, but then life gets in the way. The best way to keep your pool consistently clean is with a robotic pool cleaner that will do the work for you while you tend to other matters. They cost more than a non-robotic vacuum as an initial investment, but the time you will save in the long run more than pays for itself.

Keeping debris to a minimum not only ensures proper water quality, it lessens the potential damage to the pool and filter system. Today’s robotic cleaners are programmable, they can clean sides and stairs and ladders, they float to a convenient spot in the pool for removal when the job is complete, and they empty themselves of water to make themselves as light as possible for removal from the pool. It does not get any easier than that!

If you need more information on how to vacuum your inground pool, or need help choosing the right pool cleaner for your needs, contact Sunplay today.

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