Inground vs. Aboveground Pools

You’ve decided to get a pool. Now the next question is do you get an inground pool or an aboveground one?

Both have their pros and cons. You’ll have to compare them and look at which one will best meet your needs and budget.

Inground Pools

Inground Swimming Pool-min
Inground pools are popular because of their more aesthetically pleasing appearance and they can come in larger sizes than aboveground pools. Below are the pros and cons of these types of pools:


    • -Bigger size

    • -Have varied depths (they have a shallow end and a deep end which make them ideal for a variety of swimming levels and activities)

    • -Have a better look (they don’t have that cheap, tacky look that aboveground pools often have)

    • -More customization options (ex: adding a diving board, slide or fountain)


    • -Take longer to install (heavy equipment will be needed to dig and carry away dirt, cement must be poured and electricians will be needed to connect lights, pumps and heaters)

    • -More expensive repair and up-keep (repairing motorized parts or cracks in the cement can be costly and the larger inground pools will require more pool chemicals to keep the water clean)

    • -Higher water and heating bills (the larger the pool, the more water that will be needed, pumped and filtered. Larger pools will take more to heat.)

    • -Use more chemicals

    • -Harder to keep clean (being in the ground, the chances of insects and other backyard critters will increase, adding to more debris in the pool)Have increased safety risks (kids and pets can more easily fall in)

Aboveground Pools

Aboveground Swimming Pool-min

Aboveground pools have been traditionally associated with being a safer and more financially economical alternative to inground pools. These pools are popular also because they are less of an investment and commitment.


    • -Cheaper and easier to install and remove (no heavy equipment or professionals are required to assemble and install. Removal is just as easy. Instead of costing thousands and taking months to install or remove, these pools cost significantly less and can be up and running in a day or two.)

    • -Easier and less expensive to maintain (their smaller size makes them easier to clean)

    • -Stays cleaner

    • -Overall less expensive

    • -Uses less water and chemicals (no filtration or electrical components are needed and less water is used. Lower water, heating and energy bills are the result.)

    • -Safer (the elevated walls reduce the risk of children and pets accidently falling into the pool.)


    • -Doesn’t look as good as an inground pool (many think aboveground pools look cheap and tacky)

    • -Smaller (making them less ideal for large parties or a bigger family with older kids)

    • -Uniform depth (making them harder to accommodate different swim levels and swim activities.)

    • -Less customization and add-ons available (most aren’t capable to handle add-ons such as slides, fountains or diving boards and the size and shape customization is limited.)

Both inground and aboveground pools have benefits and drawbacks. Inground pools are great for families with older children who know how to swim, have a larger backyard, enjoy hosting large pool parties and have a bigger budget to install and maintain the pool.

Aboveground pools are great for families who have never had a pool before, have small children and pets, have less time to dedicate to pool maintenance and have a tighter budget.

You need to consider your family’s budget, lifestyle, and preferences in deciding whether an inground or an aboveground pool is the best choice for your family.

No matter what type of pool you get, they both provide added enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation.

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