The Key To Finding Your Perfect Pool

Growing up in the sweltering heat of the American summer, you may have spent long summer days jumping through a sprinkler or pleading with your parents to drive you to the local public swimming pool. And, on those days where a pool was out of reach, you may have spent hot days inside, imagining your very own swimming pool.

Now that you're an adult, you can make this childhood dream a practical reality. You landed a job, bought a house, and you might even have a family of your own. Now you are looking to fulfill your childhood vision of having your very own swimming oasis in your backyard. To help you choose a pool that fits your dreams, read up on the following most common and best swimming pool designs, and where they might fit best.


Usually minimalistic in nature, a modern swimming pool is the ultimate companion to a modern house. Clean lines and few details make this pool ideal for a seamless transition from house to water. Oftentimes, large picture windows will be set adjacent to the pool to create the appearance that the pool is actually part of the interior space. Streamlined lounge chairs make fitting accessories to this pool.

arne jacobsen, skodsborg strandvej 300, 1953-1956


This classic swimming pool design will never disappoint. Whether you live in a sprawling estate or a cozy bungalow, a traditional pool will fit any backyard space. Chosen by homeowners due to their timeless appeal, this pool will never go out of style, which will help should you ever desire to sell your house.

ALKA POOL - Traditional


A free-form swimming pool is perfect for the creative homeowner. Designed in a naturalistic size and shape, its borders are normally curved and flowing. With this freedom, the designer can truly allow his or her imagination to run wild. A current trend in the free-form pool world is to create a man-made pool to mimic a natural watering hole by adding boulders or sea grass. Consider this option if you envision your pool blending in seamlessly with your backyard.

ALKA POOL - Freeform

Vanishing Edge

Also known as a negative edge or infinity pool, this style has become popular lately based on the visual effect it creates. Known for its use among luxurious estates, the vanishing edge pool allows water to flow over the pool's edge, so it appears that the water has no boundary. If you are looking for a real conversation starter, this would be the perfect pool; especially if you have a gorgeous view from your yard. Most owners of this pool place it to overlook the ocean or a vast mountain ridge.

ALKA POOL - Vanishing Edge

Perimeter Overflow

Similar to the vanishing edge pool, the perimeter overflow pool has vanishing edges on all four sides. The overflowing water is gathered in an imperceptible catch basin and then recycled back into the original structure. Some may choose to install this pool into an existing deck, where it will create a mirror-like illusion.

Regardless of which pool type you decide is right for you and your outdoor living space, it's sure to bring years of enjoyment and relaxation. While the visual effects and design may differ, the end result is a refreshing spot where you, your friends and your family can escape from the oppressive heat and forget soaring temperatures.
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