Keys to Preventing Pool Algae

pool algaePool algae are a problem for many pool owners at one time or another, as algae spores can enter you pool from many sources. The microscopic algae spores can come in from wind, rain, dirt, even your swimmers bathing suit and skin. Since it is impossible to control the entry of algae spores the key is to cut them off before they grow and multiple and cause a problem. Algae growth prevention is far better and easier than trying to clean up a wide spread bloom.

Filter, Filter, Filter

Run your pool filter system for AT LEAST 8 hours a day, and longer is even better.  The longer you are able to run your filter the clearer your pool water will be. Clearer water means you are less likely to develop pool algae.

Test and Balance

Regularly testing your water, at least 2-3 times per week, and making the needed adjustments to your pool chemical will ensure that the proper levels of sanitizer are maintained. Keeping your water balanced will allow your sanitizer to work more effectively and kill off algae.

Shock Weekly

A weekly pool shock treatment will kill small amounts of algae that may have entered your pool that may sneak past your regular sanitizer.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Your pools walls, steps and floors are the most common places for algae to grow in your pool, developing a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for brushing and scrubbing your pool surfaces will help fight algae. Find the right kind of pool brush for your pool and make it a weekly habit.

A good automatic pool cleaner can be a great ally in the war on algae. Brushing will kick up algae spores from the pool surfaces and the vacuum can suck them up along with any dirt and debris. A clean pool is a great defense mechanism against pool algae.

Use Algaecide

Regularly using an algaecide is a great preventative measure to take in keeping your pool algae free. If you do find yourself with a pool algae problem algaecide can also help you combat it, just make sure to use it as directed.

Hopefully by following these preventative steps your pool will remain clean and algae outbreak free.
Bromine: Pool Sanitizer FAQs

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