Monday Pool Fails

Do you know what's the hardest day of the week?


Do you know what makes this particular Monday tougher to swallow?

Because if you're anything like me, your body refuses to adapt to the lost hour brought on by Daylight Savings Time. I get it. The extra hour of light at the end of the day is fantastic. But does that mean I have to like it?! (Obviously not.)

So what could we do here at Sunplay to make this difficult Monday a little easier to swallow? How about showing you a handful of really great pool fails from the interwebs. These beauties range from terrible false starts, to ill-advised jumps, and a lot of bad decision making.

This poor guy let his nerves get the best of him. We feel you. Our day didn't start out great either.

Swim Start Fail on Make A Gif

This particular pool jumper suffers from an abundance of faith in himself, albeit misplaced.

Jump fail on Make A Gif

Ever have a day that's not quite what you thought it'd be?

frozen pool on Make A Gif

Or doesn't go exactly as planned?

gxpdHU on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


Frozen pool jump on Make A Gif


Roof pool jump on Make A Gif

Maybe your Monday included some misplaced faith in your peers.

pool throw fail on Make A Gif

Or your tendency to be cautious came back to bite you.

Pool chair accident on Make A Gif

Perhaps you tried to show off only to have things go terribly awry.

Flip pool fail on Make A Gif

Maybe your optimism about the day turned to confusion in alarming fashion.

Clear wall on Make A Gif

So maybe your Monday isn't as bad as you thought. At least it hasn't resulted in the need for medical attention (we hope). Happy Monday! If there is such a thing.**

**There isn't.

Bromine: Pool Sanitizer FAQs

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