How To Move a Hot Tub

Whether you’re moving to a different home or just rearranging your patio, there may come a time when you need to move a hot tub. It may seem like a monumental task, but we assure you that with a few extra pairs of willing hands and some know-how, you should be able to move a hot tub with minimal stress.

Option for Movers

If you’re a major hot tub enthusiast, chances are you might want to take your hot tub with when you make the move. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about your option to get professional movers to help you transport your tub. Some of the benefits of hiring professional movers is that you avoid the strain and stress on your body as lifting something like a hot tub can be murder on your back and knees.

If you do work with movers, make sure you do a few things first:

  • Get a written statement of work for the hot tub before moving day.
  • Consult with the moving company before making your final decision and find out their cost and policies.
  • Take detailed pictures of your hot tub before it gets picked up so you can make a claim if any damage occurs during the move.

Some movers may require you to have your hot tub ready for loading or unloading next to your curb or garage. If that’s the case, here are some more tips on how to prepare and move your hot tub.

Prepare the Hot Tub

  1. Read your hot tub manual. It may have specific instructions on how to move your unit and some dos and don’ts to help you along the way.
  2. Disconnect the electrical and gas lines.
  3. Remove the small appliances (heater, blower, pumps, plumbing units, etc.). They should all be packed individually. The cords in your unit should be packed so that they aren’t dangling or liable to become tangled. Pack and label everything clearly so you know where it goes.
  4. Remove the cover and pack away so that it stays clean and dry. DO NOT try to transport the hot tub with the cover on, even if it’s kept on the lid using clips.
  5. Drain your hot tub. If you’re moving somewhere cold or doing this all in freezing temperatures, make sure you blow out the pipes with compressed air to make sure no water remains in the pipes that could free or crack.
  6. Take this time to clean out the shell with a non-foaming cleaner. Make sure everything is wiped down and completely dry before trying to move it.
  7. Protect your hot tub with cardboard or foam, particularly around the corners. This can be held in place with packing cellophane.
  8. Rent some furniture dollies or pallets to help you move the spa and keep it secure during transportation. I’ve seen several videos and some use methods range from simple to complicated. Try consulting with a local spa company who handles a lot of hot tub deliveries or a moving company who may have some advice about moving 800 pound hot tubs.
  9. Utilizing some of the extra pairs of hand you hopefully have around, have them lift up one corner of the hot tub. When it’s up, slip under a 2X4. Do this on the other corner. This will help you get the dollies under the unit and get everything strapped securely to be transported. If you rent a moving dolly, you might have some nylon straps provided to you. If not, get some from a local hardware store.
  10. Use ramps to wheel the dollied hot tub into the moving truck or van. Make sure you plan out a path that you can navigate smoothly and be sure the hot tub will fit.

 Additional Tips

    •  Another common trick, particularly for those just looking to move their hot tub a few feet, is to leverage some PVC pipes under the hot tub unit. This makes it so you can roll the hot tub into position. Just take out one pipe and replace it under the unit as you roll it into place. After this is done, remove the pipes one by one (watch your fingers!).
    • Hot tubs can weigh nearly half a ton so take special precautions when moving and lifting.
    • Unless it tells you not to in your manual, you CAN set the hot tub on its side on the dolly. Some are meant to specifically carry it at this angle. It may make it easier to get into and set on the truck.
    • If you don’t have an even space for your dollies to roll over, buy some sheets of particle board to act as a road. You would need at least two and you can get someone to pick up the piece that had just been rolled over and set it back in front of the path of the dolly.
Whether it’s a big move cross country or a small one down the block or across the patio, you can move a hot tub with a little help from your friends and proper preparation. Have you ever moved a hot tub? Leave us your tips and tricks!
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