NFL Fans Hot Tub at Tailgate

Well that’s a use for a hot tub I hadn’t expected.

Some Philadelphia Eagle fans braved this seriously freezing weather over the weekend and spent the afternoon tailgating the pending NFL game in the comfort of their steaming hot tub.

The spa was hauled over to Lincoln Financial Field before the Eagles-Saints playoff game on Sunday night. South Philly was clocking in temperatures right around freezing and it dropped to about 27 degrees right before kickoff.

The fans obviously attracted some attention while they were having a soak and drinking a few brews. A news team even showed up to interview them.

The journalist (named Tim) found the men enjoying their hot tub in the middle of the parking lot. They had apparently loaded it onto a transport RV which they then drove to the game.

We met mastermind Dennis and his father enjoying a hot soak in the midst of the tailgating festivities, surrounded by men dressed head to toe in parkas and knits who are trying to keep warm. Dennis does wear an Eagles beanie, but other than that he’s just wearing his swim trunks and a pair of yellow flippers.

The men in the spa complained that the freezing air had decreased their water temperature from 102 degrees Fahrenheit down to about 98.

When asked how he came up with the idea to bring a hot tub to a tailgating party, Dennis answered, “How do you fight cold? A frickin’ hot tub, right?!”

Ah, the eloquence of die-hard sports fans.

The interviewer enjoyed the atmosphere around the spa, remarking that just being near it made him warmer. The crowd started chanting “Eagles!” as the men in the tub basked in the accompanying attention.

Only some of the hot tub dwellers were actually entering the stadium for that wildcard game. Dennis and his dad planned to stick it out in the hot tub.

Would you go through all that work to stay warm?
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