Nine Crocodiles Found in Public Pool


I'm not sure if I find this story adorable or terrifying.

Nine baby crocodiles were found in a Queensland Australia public pool on Sunday morning.

A man was doing laps in the AM for exercise at the Mount Isa pool when we spotted something. Well, he spotted a few somethings. Through his goggles, the swimmer saw five baby crocodiles paddling around the chlorinated water. He immediately approached Mt. Isa pool manager Brian Rodriguez to alert him.

"He said, 'Brian, I don't mean to alarm you but I think there's a crocodile in the pool,'" Mr. Rodriguez told ABC News.

Rodriguez evacuated the water and was set with the task of collecting the usually fresh-water crocs. They got five out of the pool and found two wandering around on the concrete. Two more were found near the water that evening.

The 25-30 centimeter reptiles aren't that threatening, I guess. But the pool  manager was more concerned about coming upon mommy and daddy crocodile in the process. Rodriguez chalks it up to pranksters, however, and thinks that someone hopped the fence and planted them near the pool.

Mount Isa pool staff said they were planning to review their security footage to see if they could get any more answers.

Rodriguez put the nine crocodiles in a freshwater tank they had at the facility for turtles and they seemed to be healthy. One of the nine, however, didn't make it through the night. It's assumed that particular croc had spent too much time in the sun and had overheated. Brian said that it had "gone to crocodile heaven" and updated his Facebook page with the news and received a lot of sympathetic sentiments. He'd been updating the page with croc info since the incident started.

Rodriguez guesses that maybe someone tried to keep the baby crocodiles as a pet but released them near the pool when they'd realized they were going to get quite large. This is not the first time a crocodile has been found at the facility. Three years ago, a one and a half meter crocodile was found on a bit of grass near the pool and they never figured out how it got there.

The remaining eight visiting reptiles were released into the wild by local rangers.
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