Pools and Spas Part of Hot Outdoor Trends for 2014

Want to know what landscape design elements are hot in 2014?

Just your luck: the American Society of Landscape Architects came together and surveyed 179 landscape architects across the country to find out just that. They asked these designers to come up with a list of outdoor features they expect to be popular going into the 2014 construction season.

Good news pool and spa owners! Pools are still expected to be popular and increase your home and property value during the coming year. Water elements scored well on this list as 73.8 percent of those surveyed saw pools as a popular landscape element coming into the season. “Spa features” were even more highly regarded, scoring a 76.4 percent among respondents.

The ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO, Nancy Somerville, had this to say about people putting emphasis on landscape design in their own yard: “Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives, as well as their property values. They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth-friendly.”

So what was at the top of the list priority-wise for homeowners?

The most significant score went to lighting which registered a 98.3% popularity rating. Close behind it at 97.7% were seating and dining areas as outdoor living spaces have risen in demand.

Also expected to be high on their client’s lists? Terraces/patios/decks, fire pits/fireplaces (95.4%), low maintenance landscapes (95.4%), grills (94.3%), and the very vague gardens/landscaped spaces category (94.2%).

Outdoor living areas, kitchens, and entertainment spaces all came in at 92 percent.

It sounds like people across America have more awesome backyards than I do!

In the vein of water conservation and eco-friendly movements, there seems to be a rise in that as well. “Sustainable design practices” was on the list for 74.2% of designers with 88% of clients looking for native or drought tolerant plants for their yard. The use of recyclable materials were indicated by 65.1% of respondents.

Other water elements like fountains, ornamental water features, ponds, streams, showers/baths, and even geothermal-heated pools made the list.

Do you feel confident knowing that the pool and spa trends aren't going away any time soon? What are the improvements you’re hoping to make to your yard during the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments!

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