Pool Design: Concrete Pool Interior Finishes

Pool DesignYou may have spent years debating whether to splurge and treat yourself to that backyard pool you've been dying to get. You may have decided to install a pool on a whim due to unusually hot temperatures this past summer. Whether you've been planning and saving or you are spontaneously adding a source of entertainment to your home, there are decisions that must be made before that cool oasis can carry you away to your daydreams. There are many styles of personal pools, and many finishes to those styles. When you started off envisioning your perfect watery retreat, you may have been duped into thinking that the option for which finish to use would be simple, but now, in the midst of reality, you are finding it more overwhelming than trying to choose a single paint color among thousands. To simplify the process, here is a breakdown of the most common interior finishes for your concrete pool.


Plaster Pool

Plaster finishes have been one of the most widely used finishes on the market for several years. It is a solid mix of concrete and sand that pours directly into the cavity of the pool. Pool owners opt for this finish due to its sturdy waterproof nature and its ability to last upwards of 20 years when properly cared for. Usually measuring at 1/2" thick, the protective layer will withstand years of extreme temperatures and fluctuating water chemical concentrations. In past generations of plaster, white was the only available color option, but companies have created additives that give you more color choices for a varied look.


Tile Pool

Tile is a versatile pool finish where your inner artist can emerge. Many people choose to use tile to accent an outer border or descending steps, but tile doesn't need to be contained to certain areas. These days, the entire underwater surface can be adorned with tile, leading the finished product to possess an ethereal quality. Tile is a superior material when it comes to reflecting the sun's rays on the water, and although it is the most costly of all the finishing choices, tile will last the lifetime of the pool, according to Luxury Pools.


Pool Pebble Finish

Photo Credit: CL Industries

Pebble is the ultimate choice if you want to give a natural vibe to your outdoor pool. A current major trend is creating a man-made pool in your backyard to look like it was a creation of Mother Nature. Real stones and flowing borders mimic natural watering holes, and a pebble finish will enhance this appearance. Besides for the rustic look, CL Industries concludes that pebble is a solid choice based on its durability, rich color, low maintenance and smooth texture.

Glass Bead

Glass Bead PoolPhoto Credit: NPT Pool

Luxury Pools boasts the accolades of the glass bead finish. You will want to go this route if you are trying to obtain a luxurious feel for your pool. It is best for creating a three-dimensional effect by catching the sunlight at precisely the right angle. Although they can glam up any outdoor swimming pool, glass beads are usually used to enhance the charm of an infinity pool.


Pool Quartz

Photo Credit: CL Industries

A quartz pool finish is a mixture of crushed quartz, white cement and mineral-based pigments, states SwimmingPool.com. They add that quartz finishes usually last between 7 and 12 years, so you are sure to get a significant return on your investment due to the longevity of the product. Known for being stain resistant and durable, your pool will be sure to have an enchanting look for years.

When you design your pool, it becomes a reflection of you and your style. Take your time weighing the options, but rest assured that whichever finish you decide to use, the end result will be a tranquil, reflective place to swim and relax.
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