Pool Design: Water Lighting

Before construction began on your pool, you probably pictured what it would look like during the day. But if the point of a pool is to be a source of entertainment and relaxation, shouldn't you use it day and night? Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean your pool has to shut down too. However, for your pool to be functional and festive when the moon is out, you must plan how to light it.


Before diving into all the cool tricks that lights can perform in your pool, look for high-quality lighting. For the shells, look for stainless steel, copper or brass that won't corrode in chlorinated water. If you want your pool lights to work illumination magic, search for ones that feature a superior reflector design that focuses on the pool floor to increase intensity and minimize glare. Also, check the shell's geometric pattern; the shape should prevent hot spots on the bottom. If your pool has side features where the water isn't quite so deep, look for lights specifically made for shallow water; they do a better job at illuminating specific areas.

Types of Pool Lighting

You can choose between the traditional incandescent light or opt for the latest trend -- LED lighting. If you are looking for clear, energy-efficient illumination, then the LED light is the best choice. It shines brighter, and since it only uses a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent lights, your power bill will thank you. Also, LED lights don't cause a hazy residue, so they truly give the illusion of a sparkling sanctuary. If you prefer a softer glow coming from the pool, consider using incandescent lights.
Pool Lighting

Colored Lights

If you're looking for the fun in functionality, consider colored lighting, and turn your pool into the source of entertainment by adding pops of blue or red. You can use deep-set lights for total pool illumination and shallow water lights for showcasing features or stairways, choosing a combination of colors. With a controller, you can create a light show by turning the various lights of different colors on and off.
Pool Lighting

White Lights

White lights are a classic choice that will never go out of style, so if you like the look of white lighting, choose it for your nighttime pool needs. In fact, white lights are a necessity if you plan to take a dip under the stars because they safely illuminate the edges and depth of the pool. They can also create a luminous, ethereal effect by reflecting off the ripples of the clear water.
Pool Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

If your pool landscaping includes features like a fountain or waterfall, why not show it off? Landscape lighting is just the thing to draw attention to the details of special features. If your pool boasts a fountain or pond, fountain lights are specifically designed to sit in the center and turn it into a work of art. Both landscape and fountain lights come in white or colors, and the landscape color show can be synchronized with your pool light show.

As with the shape, finish and features of a backyard pool, lighting can add a unique touch to your pool by highlighting your style and personality. Get creative and accentuate what makes your pool the perfect moonlight retreat.
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