Pool Signs Remind of Safety and Add Fun

pool signsYour swimming pool is a place of fun and excitement but also a place where safety is very important, the use of pool signs can help remind swimmers of both. Pool signs can be used to remind your swimmers about safety and important pool rules but there are also many fun pool signs that can help you make your pool as unique and fun as you are!

Public pools can often require certain things to be posted about safety, but as a homeowner it is often a good idea to remind your guests about safety around the pool also. A few signs we recommend for home pools:

Watch Your Children – While this seems extremely obvious, how often do parents get distracted? Accidental drowning can occur in the blink of an eye so it is super important for children to have constant supervision so even this gentle reminder could help keep parents focused and kids safe. If you plan on hosting pool parties with kids this is an important reminder to have posted.

No Diving – It is important to remind swimmers (especially children) the importance of not diving in shallow water. Diving into shallow water can cause serious neck and head injuries, make sure your swimmers are aware if it is not safe to dive in your pool.

Saving A Life  – For those who have been trained in CPR and First Aid this sign offers reminders of what to do in a life threatening situation as well as a place to put important phone numbers which may be needed at some point in an emergency near your pool.

These are not all the safety signs available so we recommend reviewing your situation and getting signs you feel would be helpful reminders of pool safety in your environment.

We also believe everyone should have some form of a Pool Rules sign, reminding people about not running, no glassware, no swimming alone, and other important safety measures. There are many forms of these pool signs based on your personal preferences, some are just plain and lay out the facts, while others add a more fun and humor element while still laying out the important rules.

After the safety pool signs are covered, it its time that you can add more fun signs to customize your pool area. The most popular humorous signs remind people that urinating in the pool is gross.  Unfortunately we all know that it happens but it is good to add a reminder and provide humor while doing so.  Pool Signs like Urine Detector, Alright... Who Peed in the Pool, Welcome to our OOL, and We Don’t Swim in Your Toilet will all make people laugh and also remind them to not relieve themselves in your pool.

Pool signs are a great opportunity to post important reminds around your pool but can also be used to make people laugh, so check out all the pool signs available at Sunplay.com today!
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