How to Pick a Pool Temperature

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To me, there's nothing better than getting into a pool that is warm enough that you don't have to enter the water gradually out of cold shock. You know the ones--you inhale sharply every inch the water creeps up your legs and the idea of moving off the steps pains you. If you own a pool, there's no doubt you've had a few arguments over which pool temperature is best and while you're not likely to find a number that works for everyone, here are some ideas of what number will suit your pool.

95 Degrees

While this setting may seem high (and vaguely like the name of a 1990s boy band), it's a good temperature for a few specific groups:

  • Pre-school aged children learning to swim

  • People Rehabbing an injury in aquatic therapy

  • People practicing Watsu--a kind of therapy that involves aided floating and stretching in the water

90-92 Degrees

  • 3-5 year-olds in swim lessons

  • Divers who are constantly getting in and out of the water

  • Ai-Chi--A Japanese water exercise and relaxation program

86-88 Degrees

This pool temperature is approximately where most public pools will be as there are a lot of activities suited for it.

  • 6-13 year-olds in swimming lessons

  • Low intensity lap swimming

  • Synchronized Swimming (come on, you know you want to try it)

  • Water Walking

  • Moderate Water Exercise

  • Pre-natal Swimming

82-86 Degrees

Obviously the more vigorous the exercise you'll be doing in the pool, the lower the pool temperature will need to be to avoid overheating. Here are some activities that are better done in cooler water:

  • Competitive Swim Team Training

  • Adult Aerobic Lap Swimming

  • High Intensity Water Exercise

78-82 Degrees

  • Olympic Level Competition

Keep in mind, the odds that you'll be able to find a single temperature that will suit all of your needs for your home pool is unlikely but hopefully you can compromise on something that will suit the most people. FYI: The average pool temperature for multi-use indoor and outdoor pools in the US is about 84-86°.

How warm do you like to keep your water?
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