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Now that you have the swimming pool you have dreamed about for years, what do you do with it? Lap swimming for exercise is nice, and the kids have fun splashing around for a while but in in order to enjoy your pool to the fullest you need some pool toys, games, and floats to add to the fun!

Here at Sunplay we offer many different options for your swimming pool toys, games, and float needs; which will surely allow your “sun play” time to begin!


Pool Toys for Kids

For the smallest swimmers we carry the Intex Lil’ Star Baby Float and Kiddie Float, recommended for babies 1 year and up with a maximum weight limit of 33 lbs. these are the perfect starter floats for your littlest swimmers.

For the little guys and gals who are getting ready to learn to swim on their own, we carry the Swimline Comfy Armbands, Skill School Swim Tee-Trainer, Intex Fun Fish Swim Vest, and Pool Master Arm Floats. All of these items will help with floatation and confidence while they learn to swim. However, please keep in mind these are not lifesaving devices and strict adult supervision is still needed.


Pool Toys for Teens and Adults

For the more advanced swimmers, we have a large variety of diving toys that allow them to practice their swimming skills while fetching things like dive bombs, play sticks, and fun balls and rings from the bottom of the pool.  If diving is not their forte we also have many ride-on floats and pool games like Intex Ball Dartz, Floating Hoops, and Swimline Ladder Ball that are sure to keep them entertained for hours!

For the adults looking to just sit back, relax, and soak up some sun with a cool drink in hand, our loungers are for you! Check out the Intex Comfy Cool Lounge, the 18 hole Sun Tanner Lounge, or Floating Recline Lounge, also check out the Swimline SunChaser Lounge or the Super-sized Floating Mattress---all are sure to please!
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