Pool UV System Benefits

Pool UV System

There's no better place than your pool to enjoy the transformative powers of water. Whether you use it to relax, play, entertain or exercise, your pool is a big part of your property. It's important that you maintain strict standards when it comes to pool cleanliness. After all, murky pools aren't just ugly. They're also dangerous breeding grounds for microorganisms and harmful bacteria.

Maybe you know that it's important to combat these hazards, but you worry about the harsh chemicals used for pool maintenance. It's a classic Catch-22, but it doesn't have to trouble you anymore. Ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizers that harness the power of UV light to create a clean, balanced environment are available for pools of all sizes.

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How Do UV Pool Sanitizers Work?

Finding efficient ways to remove bacteria, pathogens and contaminants from water has been on the scientific radar since the late 1800s. The first UV water sanitizer was used with mixed success in 1910. Redesigned UV water sanitizers were used in Europe as early as the 1950s, and they've been widely used in North America since the early 2000s.

UV systems became incredibly popular in North America after scientists discovered that UV light can destroy E. coli, cryptosporidium and giardia, which can cause serious illnesses. Pool designers jumped on the discovery and began crafting UV pool sanitizers. These powerful treatment systems are built into the majority of new commercial pools and water parks today.

UV pool sanitizers are installed on or near a pool or spa filtration system. As water is pushed through the pump system, it's exposed to a stream of UV light that destroys an array of water-borne pathogens. So long as you replace the UV bulb yearly, water will be exposed to a high level of sanitizing light. These systems offer greater efficiency than chemicals, which must be added and adjusted regularly.

Why UV Pool Systems Make Sense

The purity of the water in your pool affects everyone who uses it. Your family, your friends, your guests and even your pets rely on you to take care of basic pool maintenance. UV pool sanitizers make that a simple, no-stress process. You don't have to adjust the ultraviolet light or try to measure chemicals while your eyes are burning from the fumes. Once it's installed, you just turn the system on.

UV pool sanitizers are popular for more than just their ease of use. They also

kill off harmful microorganisms and parasites,
reduce your dependence on pool chemicals,
eliminate harmful chlorine by-products and
use very little electricity.
All of this comes together to make a pool that's simply healthier. Scientists know that chlorine and other chemicals used in pools can exacerbate allergies and asthma. Some have even been linked to cancer.

These risks don't exist with UV pool systems. Yes, ultraviolet light rays can be harmful to humans if they're exposed to them for prolonged periods of time. That's not a problem with UV sanitizers, though, because the bulb is secured in a hard case. The water that flows through your pool is exposed to these powerful rays, but the people who use your pool aren't. In fact, all they'll notice is that your pool doesn't have that awful chlorinated smell that other pools do.

Of course, all of these benefits come with the approval of leading water sanitation scientists around the world. Everyone, from the folks at the World Health Organization (WHO) to the team at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), agrees that UV sanitation is a smart, effective strategy. UV pool sanitizers are a mean, green maintenance solution that gets high marks for cost, cleaning power and environmental impact.
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