Do I Really Need a Hot Tub Cover?

After a long, exhaustive process, you did it! You finally purchased your first hot tub! You’ve probably spent weeks considering which model is best for you before deciding on the right one for you and your family. Between the cost of the spa itself, the chemicals, et al, it probably feels like you just can’t take one more expense. Even after the insistence of the salesman you may find yourself wondering: do I really need a hot tub cover?

In so many words: YES! Hot tub covers are an absolute necessity for a number of reasons. Let’s talk this out.

Believe it or not, many new hot tub owners opt for a tarp or some other kind of non-fitted covering as a less expensive option. When compared to a traditional hot tub cover, not only is the tarp inadequate, it may end up costing you more in the long run.


One of the risks of having a hot tub with children around is that the presence of an open body of water just outside your front door is potentially very dangerous. Should a child have an accident while playing near it without supervision, it becomes a drowning hazard. Unattended children or pets are not protected against slips and falls if there isn’t a sufficient barrier (which a tarp most assuredly is not).


Energy Efficiency

A good chunk of the cost of maintaining your hot tub will be the electricity it takes to keep the water heated. You really do yourself a disservice if you don’t have a nice, insulated cover to help maintain optimal temperature levels. An uncovered (or minimally covered) tub is going to use a lot of unnecessary energy to try and keep the water at the typical 104 degrees. You will save yourself money and avoid long heating times if you get a traditional hot tub cover.



If you use a tarp to cover your hot tub, you’re likely to face some trouble if you ever have to deal with inclement weather. High winds are likely to rip any non-secured covers from their station and if something is secured by bricks or cement blocks (as they often are, believe it or not) that imposes additional risks. Imagine if one of those cinder blocks were to fall on someone nearby? Or even fall into the water and create a gash in the acrylic that would lead to leaking? These are all potential costs that will accrue despite the fact that you initially saved money on a cover.


Water Conservation & Cleanliness

At a time where much of the country is facing drought, keeping a cover on your hot tub will help keep it from losing unnecessary amounts of water through evaporation.

Cleanliness is probably one of the most vital aspects of owning a cover. As you may know, hot tub water chemistry is very delicate and the entrance of any contaminants is likely to cost you more money to try and keep it all balanced. Since hot tubs are not drained and refilled after every use, it’s critical to maintain water chemistry between dips. If you do not have a cover or use something inadequate, you’re going to need to empty and refill your hot tub more often in order to keep it clean.

You’re also likely to get all manner of muck in the water if there is no protection keeping out smaller contaminants like dirty and dust, not to mention large debris like leaves and branches.

So do you need a hot tub cover? Yes. Yes. Yes. Purchasing a good quality hot tub cover is hugely important in protecting your investment so that you can keep your hot tub in excellent working condition.
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