Revolutionary New Snorkeling Mask to Hit the Market


A revolutionary new snorkeling mask is making its rounds on the internet and making me wish I could try it!

The Easybreath by Tribord, a Paris-based company, lets the snorkeler breathe through his or her mouth while checking out the sea life. The mask incorporates a double air-flow system that ensures the moist air in the mask that is exhaled is removed quickly so that the mask never fogs—one of the obvious downfalls of traditional snorkel masks.

In the YouTube video done by the company (found below), three people who had tried and disliked traditional snorkeling with the mask and separate snorkel piece discussed the problems they’ve had with the activity which included the common complaint of the unnatural act of breathing through one’s mouth. One of the participants refers to it as feeling oppressive or claustrophobic. Others had accidentally swallowed water that sometimes enters through the top of a snorkel. Whatever the experience, some find snorkeling an unpleasant activity with the current setup.

The actual snorkel on the mask is attached to the top and center of the mask. The snorkel tube features a special valve that seals the tube when the mask is completely submerged in the water, much like other dry snorkels. As an added safety feature, the snorkel is highly visible in the water making it easy to spot by passing watercraft.

The single piece mask is held on by a silicone skirt and a strap system that crosses over the back of the wearer’s head. I have to say, it looks significantly more comfortable than your traditional mask. I wonder how it holds up against leaks.

The mask also offers a superior field of vision, allowing the snorkeler to see in 180 degrees.

The mask will become available later in 2014 and will come in multiple colors: clear, green, blue, red, and purple. They will sell for approximately £33 or about $54.

What do you think? Is this a good solution for an activity some people find unnatural and unhygienic? With a smaller child size due to come out in 2015, do you think it will be popular with kids? To me, that seems like the biggest market.

Can’t wait to try it out!

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