Shark Attack at Sunplay!

Here at Sunplay we have come under a "shark attack" with several new “shark” products that I am dying to share with you!


Shark Toys at Sunplay

  • For all your little guppies, the Swimways Gobble Guppies will be the toy of choice. This adorable shark comes with 5 guppies he loves to gobble up. I brought one home for my kids and it turns out, I should have brought three because they all loved it and fought over whose turn it was.  Not only is it great for the pool but the bathtub too. 
  •  For your large guppies, the Intex Friendly Shark Ride-On is sure to provide hours of sun and entertainment in the pool. At 60.5 inches long and 41 inches wide this big guy will provide the perfect “shark attack” for your pool. 

  •  For even more shark entertainment, check out the Swimways Dive and Glide Shark this fast ferocious little guy will curve and glide through your pool up to 20 feet with just the flick of a wrist. It will be like there is a real shark in our pool, only without the fear and danger!

    •  Any night swim, hot tub soak, or bath needs a Game Floating Light Up Pal Shark. These super fun light up floating toys provide shark attack fun rather than panic!

Shark Swim Assists at Sunplay

  • Let your little guppies learn to swim by pretending to be the greatest predator in the water, with a Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest. These adorable vests feature smart buoyancy technology that will help kids achieve proper swimming position and will give them greater control and stability. The awesome shark fin on the back will allow them to have fun and look great also.

    •  Kids ages 3-7 might also like the Swimline Tigershark Foam Bubble Trainer, it has a comfortable foam design that snaps around their waist and will help them learn to swim just like a tigershark in no time!

Shark Pool Cleaners at Sunplay

    • The Hayward SharkVAC Pool Cleaner will bring a cleaning “attack” to your pool.  A robust robotic pool cleaner the SharkVac is compatible with all pool surfaces and will attack dirt and grime every time in your pool.

After all this “Shark Attack” talk who is ready to watch the movie 'Jaws'? And when you’re done, don’t forget to visit us at Sunplay, for the “shark attack” on your pool, as a special bonus use the coupon code SHARKATTACK for an additional 5% off all our shark toys and swim assists, offer valid through August 5th, 2013!
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