Should I Hire a Professional Hot Tub Mover?

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Moving A Hot Tub?

Packing and moving are two of the most arduous tasks you can undertake. Moving is rarely enjoyable, and when you find yourself having to move a 400- to 1,000-pound hot tub too, the task may seem insurmountable. Before you break your back trying to do it yourself to save a dollar, consider some of the obstacles and expenses you may encounter that might help you decide whether you need a professional to safely and efficiently move your hot tub.

What Is Involved?

If you are undecided whether to hire a professional or attempt to move your spa yourself, it's important to know all of the steps involved. In every case, the hot tub must first be drained, dried and cleaned for transportation. Next, you will need enough manpower to tilt the spa onto its side for easier transportation. Furniture dollies are imperative if doing the job yourself, but they can be tricky. You may inquire about renting a spa dolly from your local hot tub company. A spa dolly is made for the specific purpose of transporting a hot tub.

Next, you need to carefully consider the path that the hot tub must take in order to be loaded into a truck. The planned path must be free of all obstacles -- stairs, railings and landscaping can all hinder the process. For added protection, it's best to wrap your hot tub in plastic wrap in order to avoid dings and scrapes to the outer shell.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Although cost may deter you from hiring a professional moving company to relocate your spa, there are many benefits to hiring help. First, a professional will have enough manpower to physically maneuver the spa. They are equipped with professional spa movers who have experience in this field.

When you hire a quality hot tub-moving company, they will make an in-home visit in order to give you an accurate, written estimate for the job at hand. They will also come with moving pads, stretch wrap and/or floor coverings to protect all material assets involved.

Often, hot tubs will require special disassembly or have specific packing instructions, and professionals have experience with most of these situations. Also, if an unfortunate circumstance causes damage to either the hot tub or the home, moving companies generally carry full liability and movers' insurance to cover the cost. If nothing else, hiring a professional will give you peace of mind that the job is done correctly, safely and with minimal to no damage.

What About Extra Expenses?

A spa-moving company will accurately communicate any extra expenses that may occur if your situation involves special circumstances. Often, stairs or railings get in the way; when this happens, the movers will have to take extra precautions, and may even have to physically remove railings in order to transport the hot tub from your deck to the truck. This will, more than likely, be an expense you may not have factored in. Additionally, if the hot tub weighs more than usual, or if it sits in an awkward or tight location in your former surroundings, professional movers will have to hire a crane to lift the tub high enough to maneuver it out. Obviously, if this is your situation, a DIY move is not in the cards.

Moving a hot tub is a challenge that you will need to eventually face when relocating. Whether you are moving it to another corner of your deck or across the country, it is entirely possible for you and your friends to undertake the adventure if you have a textbook situation. However, if you want assurance that the job will be done correctly, or if you are faced with special circumstances, hiring a professional hot tub mover will ultimately be the best choice.

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rachel frampton
December 4, 2019

I am going to move out of my place and of course, I’ll bring my hot tub house with me, but I am not sure if hiring a professional mover is necessary for this matter. I guess you made a great point that professionals will have enough manpower to physically transport my spa. I should probably start looking for a spa lifting service that will help me with this query.

Sebastian Dasilva
April 13, 2017

I like to move my hot tub from second-floor deck to my backyard

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