Soak Up the Sun Protected with Sun Bum Sunscreen

Most people enjoy the sun; something about soaking up the vitamin D is truly good for the soul. However as we all know, too much sun can cause huge problems for our skin. Not only sore, peeling sun burns but the long term effects of unprotected sun exposure can be deadly.  Studies estimate that 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer. But the good news is with proper protection, you can still be a Sun Bum.

Sun Bum is a line of sunscreen and skin products that will allow you to enjoy the sun while offering the proper protection for your skin. All Sun Bum sunscreen’s offer broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. They have the highest possible rating for being water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Sun Bum products are approved and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and do not contain any preservative. Sun Bum is oil free, is safe for kids, and will not irritate your skin. Sun Bum is not tested on animals and will not damage the ozone layer! What more could you ask for from your sunscreen? That it contains powerful Vitamin E for anti-aging, well it has that too!

Sun Bum definitely has what you need when it comes to sun protection.

Sunscreens are offered in 15-70 SPF, in both lotion and spray form. The Sun Bum Face Stick allows for the simplest facial application available. Sun Bum Lip Balms will keep your kissers protected. For the smallest Sun Bum’s Baby Bum Sunscreen will protect their delicate skin; however, just remember sunscreen is not for children under 6 months. Then after a long day in the sun cool down with Sun bum Aloe, available in lotion, gel, and spray.

Being in the sun is fun, and though you should try and limit your sun exposure between 10 AM and 2 PM in summer months, it is important to always be protected and Sun Bum products will do that for you as long as you use them correctly! So protect your bum, and enjoy the sun with Sun Bum!

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