Solaxx Saltron Mini

ChlorineThe Solaxx Saltron Mini is a chlorine generator that is ideal for use in hot tubs. This compact device is cost-efficient and easy to use; all you need to do is add salt and the Saltron Mini will do the rest, creating chlorine to kill bacteria in the water so that it is safe for bathing. Let’s take a look at how the Saltron Mini works and the benefits that it can bring.

What is the Solaxx Saltron Mini?

The Saltron Mini is a small device that produces chlorine for a spa or hot tub. It works independently of the spa filter and pump system, without requiring any modifications to the spa or hot tub. Simply place the cell over the edge of the spa so that it sits in the water. One unit can treat up to 600 gallons of water and the chlorine output is completely adjustable.

How Does the Solaxx Saltron Mini Work?

Solaxx Saltron MiniThe Solaxx Saltron Mini uses a process called electrolysis to produce chlorine. Electrolysis simply means passing an electric current through salty water to separate the sodium and chlorine ions that make up ordinary table salt. This produces pure chlorine, which kills bacteria in the water. The chlorine is then converted back to salt in a continuous process that keeps going for as long as the unit is running. You only need to add more salt when you add new water to your spa.

Benefits of the Solaxx Saltron Mini

The Saltron Mini has many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this convenient spa accessory.

Easy to Set Up and Use - Many people love how easy the Saltron Mini is to set up and use. There’s no need for extra plumbing or modifications to your spa or hot tub. Simply place the cell over the edge of the spa so that it sits in the water. Add the indicated amount of salt and turn the device on. From there, it will start working on creating chlorine in your spa water. LED indicator lights will let you know whether the salt level is within the correct range.

Safe - Every Saltron Mini unit has critical fault protection, which automatically shuts down the device if a fault is detected. Therefore, the electrical risk is very low. Using the Saltron Mini also means that you no longer need to purchase, transport or store chlorine or bromine to treat your pool water. These chemicals can be dangerous, and need to be safeguarded from children or pets

Protection For Your Skin - The salt used in the Saltron Mini isn’t just useful for creating chlorine. It also softens the water, which could reduce the dryness and itchiness of the skin that swimmers often experience.

Eco-Friendly - The Saltron Mini uses just a tiny electrical current and a small amount of natural salt to sanitize water. Therefore, it has a very minimal effect on your electricity bills and on the environment.

Solaxx Saltron Mini Summary

Solaxx Saltron MiniThe Solaxx Saltron Mini is a useful device for hot tub and spa owners. It uses electrolysis technology to produce chlorine from harmless salt, cutting down on the need to store chemicals in your home. If you are looking for a new way to sanitize the water in your spa, why not consider one of these devices?

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