Which Spa Chemicals Do I Need For My Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a wonderful thing. You come home from a long day of work and soak your tired muscles in a tub full of clean, bubbling warm water. Did you know that a hot tub can help increase circulation and blood flow? Science supports that a hot tub is an essential tool for muscle tension relief and overall wellness. These are just a couple of the health benefits that hot tub owners receive from their spa. But what happens when your hot tub starts to look less than clean and relaxing? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of any hot tub owner. A simple chemical discrepancy can cause a myriad of problems for any hot tub so it’s important that you’re using the correct type and amount of spa chemicals.

Sometimes knowing which chemicals to purchase for your hot tub can be an overwhelming task and we fully understand that. Which is why we’ve created an interactive spa chemical tool for you to diagnose and treat some of those pesky hot tub problems. We’ve got recommendations for issues from cloudy water to algae growth in our easy-to-use spa chemical guide. We wanted to ensure that it was an easy process for you, our customer, to diagnose and then treat your hot tub issues with the proper chemicals without having to spend too much time away from spending time in your hot tub!

We understand that there are many issues that can cause a hot tub to take a turn for the worse, so we pride ourselves in carrying the best spa chemicals for your needs. Our guide will first lead you through some of the issues you could be experiencing and will then show you the possible causes of each issue. Our interactive guide will then make recommendations for what type of chemical works best for each hot tub issue, allowing you to spend more time in your hot tub and less time browsing hundreds of products!

Give it a try! 

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