Spectacular Ski Resort Pools and Hot Tubs

USA Today recently put out a list of 10 spectacular ski resort pools and hot tubs.

These equally relaxing and gorgeous locations are enough to make this girl take up skiing again.

No, not really. But I wouldn’t mind hanging out at the resorts!

The pools and resorts in question are all over the world from South America, Canada, and Switzerland. A few are even as close as Colorado like the Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs.

Glenwood Springs

I mean, wow! This secluded location is hidden just off 1-70 somewhere between Vail and Aspen. When you visit, you can get what’s called a Ski/Swim package which means you get a lift ticket as well as passage to the famous Glenwood Hot Sprigs Pool which is the world’s largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool. You can take a dip while taking in the amazing mountain views in a giant pool that’s the size of two city blocks in water that’s heated anywhere from 90-104 degrees.


Talk about a view. The Cambrian Hotel in Adelbodden, Switzerland has an infinity pool to shame all other infinity pools. Sitting in the pool gives the soaker the sensation that they are bathing in the clear water of an Alpine lake with the added benefit of not freezing to death in glacial water. The resort is within walking distance of the ski lifts to Adelboden-Lenk and non-hotel guests can get access to the pool if willing to pay a small fee. Serious question: how do you sit in that pool, look at the Alps and resist the urge to yodel?

high camp pool

If you can’t make the trip to Switzerland, the High Camp Pools in Lake Tahoe, California might be a good fit. This mountaintop swimming location sits at 8,200 feet above sea level. The impressive feat of engineering features a heated pool, two islands complete with waterfall, and a ridiculous view of the Sierra Nevadas. Chairlifts from a nearby ski resort run nearly overhead as you enjoy the warm water. Locals are known for skiing in their bathing suits and jumping into the pool once they reach the bottom. People watching and a great pool to enjoy? Sign me up.

Ritz Aspen

And if you’re going for luxury, can it get more swanky than The Ritz? The Apsen, Colorado Ritz Carlton is known for being a posh mountain resort that sits along the base of the Aspen Highlands Ski Area. The Ritz’s heated pool sits right on the slope and you can watch the skiers zip by as you enjoy the warm water. You do have to be a guest to enjoy the scenery for this one but if you pay the (hefty) room price, you get to enjoy the pool with a view of the 12,500-foot Aspen peak.

Those are just some of the incredible mountain resorts included on USA Today’s list including one that should be on everyone’s bucket list: the Igloo Village in Zermatt, Switzerland where every year a team builds an igloo village with a view of the Matterhorn. You can stay overnight in the igloos or visit the igloo bar, not to mention take a dip in the hot tubs cut right into the snowbanks of the Alps. I mean, seriously.

Which location would you pick to spend a long ski weekend?
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