Places to Paddle: Moab, Utah

Oftentimes when we think of stand up paddleboarding, we conjure ideas of costal states, waves, and expansive oceans. If there’s not a beach involved, it hardly seems to fit the ideal SUP spot mold. However, the great thing about paddleboarding is that anyone can do it on any body of water. That is evident in this video from the guys at Pau Hana Surf Supply who fell in love with the stand up paddleboarding in Moab, Utah as they made their way down the Colorado River.

This video was done last summer by Todd Caranto and company who were on their way to Vail, Colorado for a competition. They decided to stop on the way and camp near Moab at a little spot called Goose Island.

The whole of Southern Utah has such a cool, old-school Western feel to it. Caranto says on the video that when they were there they “could feel what it was like to be a cowboy.” Instead of horses, these guys ventured out on their inflatable stand up paddleboards.

They camped near the water on Goose Island, cooking up some hot dogs and bacon before the day on the water. When it was morning, they drove up the road and launched onto the river and paddled downstream a few miles back down to their camp site. It’s really hard to beat the canyons, cliffs, and red rock surroundings of Southern Utah and seeing it on a stand up paddleboard is a great way to experience them.

Simply put: “the views are amazing.”

Whether you’re in Utah or just passing through, it’s a worthwhile place to stop and have a paddle. The surrounding areas are unique and fun and the scenery is second to none. As Caronto said at the end of the short video, “get your paddle in the water and take it for a ride down the river if you haven’t done it.”

It’s not too late! Make it a part of your Memorial Day weekend plans.

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