The Ultimate Hot Tub: Swim Spa Luxema 8000


There are a lot of pretty obscene things I would do if I had an endless supply of money: rent out Disneyland for the day, sleep on a new set of sheets every night, have a set of tunnels constructed under my mansion, just in case (paranoia goes hand in hand with large amounts of cash).

Well, add the Swim Spa Luxema 8000 to that list! Yes. I’ve been ogling a spa that has all sorts of unnecessary features that no one in their right mind needs.

This two-tiered pool/hot tub is made by a Slovenian company called SPAmbient which makes it tricky to glean any info from their website unless you’re fluent in Slovenian. Anyone? Bueller?

You want features? This thing has features.

Built in flat-screen LCD TV and DVD player? Check.

Full-blown stereo system? Check.

Bar and seating area added onto the back? Check.

The best part of this spa is that it’s split-level and attached to a pool on the upper deck which is deeper than the spa and holds 2,100 gallons of water. This compact pool is only one of the similarly offered ones on the company’s website.

I typically have a rule against above ground pools, but I think most people would make an exception for this little number.

The lower hot tub portion holds 528 gallons of water and seats six people on jet-lined seats.

SPAmbient’s website sells all kinds of luxurious and indulgent products from jets to saunas to pools and even egg chairs (sure, why not?). Some of their other pool/tubs, like the Sportness 6500 are built to accommodate rowing accessories. Like the Luxema 8000, all the swimming and spa models come with current jets.

If you have any additional funds (and let’s assume you do if you have the bank roll to buy this thing in the first place), you can customize the acrylic interior and the outside wooden paneling.

You wouldn’t want to be considered cheap.

So how much should you expect to be set back if you want to get one of these suckers delivered to your house? Oh, just a measly $60,000.

But it comes with cup holders!
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Andreas Kaschan
December 23, 2019

Ich hätte eine Frage: Ist es bei diesem Swim Spa Luxema 8000 egal ob man Brom oder Chlortabletten über den Skimmerfilter hinzufügt oder nicht. Danke.
MfG. Andreas Kaschan

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