Swimming Pool ADA Accessibility Lifts

The 2010 Revised Requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has changed the minimum standards for making swimming pools, wading pools, and hot tubs more accessible to people with disabilities. These changes require compliance by March 15, 2012 for both new and existing commercial pool facilities; this will allow people with disabilities to enjoy the same activities such as swim meets, swimming lessons, and hotel pools just as people without disabilities do, in the same locations.

Swimming Pool ADA Accessibility LiftAt Sunplay, we sell a variety of different lifts. If you are looking to purchase an pool accessibility lift to bring your pool into compliance with the ADA, there are many different options available based on your pool environment, here are some to consider:


There are many different lifts available depending on the style and installation options you prefer for your pool setting.  Do you need a lift that will stay in place year-round or something that is easily removed for winter storage? Does your facility have both an in ground pool and an above ground spa that the lift will need to provide access to? Does your pool have an unusual gutter configuration that is going to cause a need for a lift with extended reach? Once you have determined the specific style and installation needs of your pool you can start shopping based on those needs.

Activation Key

With this option the lift comes with an activation key that is required to be in place before the lift can operate. The activation key prevents unauthorized use of the pool lift system. This may be a good option if your pool is in an environment with small children who may be tempted to play with it, for instance if you are a hotel, where your pool is not under constant supervision by your staff, guests who need the activation key could obtain it from your front desk but the lift would not be accessible by those who have not obtained the key.

Folding Seat

If space is an issue, or you would just like the chair to be out of the way when not in use choosing a folding seat may be a good option for your pool environment.

Arm Rests

Arm rests are an option and do not come standard on all accessibility lifts, however they are required in some states. You will want to make sure and check if they are a requirement in your state. They can also offer comfort during use for the user of the lift.


Once you have determined which lift chair will best meet your pools needs as well as meet the requirements of the ADA, there are some accessories you may also want to consider.

  • Stability Vest: These vests are designed for individuals who may be using your lift that have limited or no upper body or trunk stability by strapping the user into the chair, holding them in with extra support.

  • Seat Pad: The seat pad is available to minimize friction and add comfort for the lift user.

  • Covers: Available for some entire units and for just batteries, a cover will protect your investment from water splash, and all weather.

  • Caddies:  Available for some models a caddy helps with handling, transporting the storing the lift unit. They double as a storage rack for the unit when the lift is not in use.

No matter what style your swimming pool is or what specific needs you and your customers have, there is an accessibility lift available for you that will not only keep you compliant with the ADA but add the option of enjoying your pool for people who may not have had it before.
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