Swimming Pool Automation Systems

Owning a swimming pool is not always as relaxing as some would think, unless you have a Pool Automation System. Depending on the needs and features of your particular swimming pool and/or spa controlling things and keeping everything running how you want it may be stressful for you. With a pool automation system that stress can quickly be eliminated and your pool and spa can be the relaxing oasis it was intended to be, rather than a constant headache.

At Sunplay, we carry automation systems from Pentair and Zodiac Pool Systems. When shopping for one you will want to shop based on the equipment you already have and what you want the automation to control. Pool automation systems can control almost any aspect of your pool or spa.

    • Salt Chlorine Generators- You will no longer need to adjust your salt chlorine generator at the equipment pad, it can become fully automated.

    • Pool Pumps- Program your filter pump to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

    • Heaters- Make sure your temperature is always as you wish it to be.

    •  Lighting- Set your lights to come on and turn off as desired.

    • Cleaner- Make sure your pool is sparkling clean when you need it to be.

These are only a few of the options that most automation systems allow for and they can be customized for your individual needs with additional circuits available depending on which system you choose.

Pool and Spa automation systems allow for almost a “set it and forget it” experience and have now been made even easier.

The AquaLink RS from Jandy and the Intellitouch system from Pentair now put the controls for your pool right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. These systems have been developed to allow users to easily control their pool automation system from their smartphone or tablet devices.  Check your water temperature from anywhere, set your pump to run, adjust sanitizer generation or set your lighting so the mood is just right upon your arrival---the possibilities are endless!

Pool ownership has never been so easy and convenient as it is with an automation system from Sunplay!
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