Swimming Pool Cover Pumps

If you are a pool owner with a swimming pool cover you know what a hassle it can be when rain water or snow melt accumulates on top of your cover. This standing water attracts bugs, debris, and can be stressful for your cover. Rather than attempting to open the cover with the water on it and having all the dirt a debris dump into your pool and also potentially damaging your cover, the solution is a pool cover pump.

Swimming pool cover pumps are fairly light weight, compact, reasonably priced and easy to use. These small but powerful machines pump water off of your pool cover efficiently. With a swimming pool cover pump water is removed through a hose attached to the pump, which allows you to divert and dispose of the water wherever you wish.

When shopping for a pool cover pump, like the very popular Little Giant APCP-1700, you will find many different makes and models available on the market. Some are basic models which can take quite a long time to do the job; you will also find models that can get water removed from your cover very quickly. There are also submersible options and fully automatic options. Whichever model you choose will serve the basic purpose of removing water from your swimming pool cover.

Pool cover pumps also have many other uses also. If you are also a hot tub owner, you know that you water needs to be changed every 3-4 months; the right cover pump can also help you drain your hot tub quickly and efficiently. Cover pumps are also commonly used in the event of a flood basement or to remove excess retained water from boats.

Pool cover pumps tend to be fairly low maintenance. You will just want to check regularly for clogging from debris such as twigs and leaves. You also want to be careful of leaving your pump out in frigid temperatures during winter months as they can freeze and would need to be thawed out before using them again.

If you pool has a cover on it a pool cover pump is a must have to save you the headache of trying to remove water from your cover.

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