Swimming Pool Opening Checklist

After months of cold and snow in many parts of the country we are very anxiously awaiting the warm weather and swimming pool opening time!  So here is a checklist for your pool opening to make sure you are prepared.

1. Take Inventory

Check your pool chemicals leftover from the prior year; make sure they are not expired and that they have been properly stored throughout the winter and have not been exposed to any moisture. Make a list of any you are out of or running low on.

2. Check for Anything That May Be Broken or Needs Replaced

Check all of your equipment thoroughly, your pool filter, cleaner, pump, and accessories, make sure that everything is in working order and not parts or piece are broken or worn out.  It is always better to take care of any issues up front before your swimming pool opening.

3. Clean and Remove Your Pool Cover

If you use a winter pool cover make sure it is clean before removing it. We recommend using a pool cover pump to remove any water that is sitting on the cover making it much easier and safer to remove.  Sweeping any debris that has collected from the cover will also be helpful  so it does not fall into the pool upon removing the cover and it is always better to store a clean cover!

4.  Put Everything Back Where It Belongs

Often when closing your pool for the winter you or your pool man may have removed small plugs from your pump, filter, or heater, make sure they are all back in place and nothing is missing. If you removed accessories such as ladders, diving boards, slides or anything else replace them and ensure they are secure.

5.  Top it Off

Add water to make sure your water level is where it should be at about the middle of your skimmer opening or halfway up your pool tile. If you have trouble keeping your water at this level a automatic water leveler may be something good to consider.

6.  Spring Clean

Just as you would clean your house for spring, you want to give your pool the same thorough cleaning at the time of your swimming pool opening.  Here is what we recommend:

  1. Skim the surface and remove and debris

  2. Wipe down your tile or vinyl surfaces

  3. Empty the skimmer baskets and pump strainer baskets

  4. Use your pool vacuum.

  5. Check that your filter is running properly, service if needed.

  6. Clean your pool deck and areas surrounding the pool, including your equipment area.

7. Balance Pool Chemicals

Adjust your pH and alkalinity, shock treat your pool, adjust sanitizer levels, add algaecide if needed.

8. Maintain Regularly

By keeping up regularly on your cleaning, and chemicals by regularly using a water test kit and making adjustments when needed you will enjoy the comfort of your clean pool all year long!

Pool Closing Chemicals: Guide to Winter Chemicals

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