The Beauty of PristineBlue

Have you ever read the labels on your pool maintenance products? Chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and biguanides are registered inconsistently and for various uses, so it's difficult to be certain how much of each substance is safe. It can be quite a challenge to know exactly what you're putting in your pool and how much of it is safe to use.

Earth Science Laboratories, a leading provider of environmental water care and treatment, gives you a more reliable alternative to products with harsh chemicals. PristineBlue is a proven, proprietary pool and spa care system that has been in use since 1990, and is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in both pools and spas in all 50 states.

The long-lasting formula in PristineBlue frees you from having to perform water testing and maintenance on a daily basis, yet it's safe enough that you can swim within 15 minutes of application. Not only that, pool or spa water treated with Pristine Blue:

    • Looks fantastic and has a soft, inviting feel

    • Has absolutely no chemical taste or odor

    • Won't damage equipment

    • Won't bleach your pool liner or swimwear

    • Is gentle on even sensitive eyes

    • Will leave your skin and hair feeling great


Copper-Based Technology

You may wonder how PristineBlue kills bacteria and algae without harsh chemicals. The answer is copper (actually, copper sulfate pentahydrate; 19.8%, to be precise), its main ingredient.

Here's how it works. People have been using copper-based algaecides for years to control the most serious, stubborn algae blooms. Although it is highly effective for killing algae, using copper regularly by itself can discolor pool water and cause unsightly stains on pool surfaces. Even "chelated" copper algaecides, developed to minimize and prevent staining, still cause some discoloration with continued use.

This is where the technology behind PristineBlue is far superior to other products using copper-based algaecides -- including products claiming to offer the same quality formula found in PristineBlue. They're simply not the same.

How Pristine Blue Is Different

Every other copper-based pool product causes the cupric (or copper) ion to have just one positively charged side to it. PristineBlue, however, uses a proprietary technology that causes two positively charged sides.

    1. The first positive charge enables PristineBlue to hold onto its specially formulated ET3000 additive, which prevents copper from staining or discoloring the liner, equipment, and the water.

    1. The second positive charge is the real magic of PristineBlue. It finds and attaches itself to negatively charged particles, such as algae, bacteria, and other organic matter, and then kills them.

In short, the algae organisms living in the pool eat the copper and die. In contrast, chlorine and bromine "blow up" any bacteria and algae, releasing waste and odor-causing enzymes into the pool water, one of the reasons why chlorinated water sometimes takes on a strange smell. The dead bacteria and algae are removed through the filter.


Pristine Blue Safety

Can you imagine drinking pool water treated with chlorine? The authorities certainly don't recommend it.

No need to worry if you swallow a gulp or two of pool water treated with PristineBlue. One really fantastic thing about this product is that the National Sanitation Foundation, or NSF certification 60, has certified PristineBlue for addition to drinking water. That's pretty extraordinary for a pool treatment formula!


Why Pristine Blue Is Your Best Choice

You'll get water that feels and smells better, along with a simpler water balance and an easy process for testing and maintenance in this extremely economical solution.

And it cleans the whole pool -- including the "dead spots" that tend not to receive a proper amount of sanitizer, even under normal circulation. The exclusive, proprietary formula in PristineBlue allows it to "self-disperse" more thoroughly and efficiently in pool water. In other words, the positive and negative charges push back and forth against each other much more effectively than with products based on chlorine and bromine.


Using Pristine Blue With Other Products

Still want to use chlorine? No problem. It's perfectly safe to add PristineBlue to chlorinated water. Fully compatible with chlorine, PristineBlue will not drastically affect the water balance as it helps to control algae and bacteria. In addition, you can use it with any type of filter system and with pools or spas utilizing ozonators.

To keep the cleanest pool possible, combine our other products to your maintenance agenda. Add PristineClean and PristineCheck to your pool or spa water at the beginning of the season to control and manage calcium scale, and to ensure the water contains sufficient chelant to protect the copper from causing stains. Take care of additional pool waste, such as suntan lotion and body oils, with PristinePower and PristineExtra, which oxidize these substances. Finally, to pull together and remove any dead particles floating in the pool, use PristineClear.

Getting beautiful, crystal clear water is easier than ever with PristineBlue. We're pleased to be providing this incredibly safe, effective alternative to many traditional pool treatment formulas. We look forward to providing you, your family, and your guests with the safest, most luxuriously clean water you can have for your pool or spa.
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