Tips for Throwing the Best Pool Party Ever

pool party tips

Nothing says summer quite like a pool party. Whether you love having people over or you want to show off your new pool and backyard, inviting your friends, family and neighbors over is always a fun activity for everyone.

Being the host of the pool party, you can decide how big or small, elaborate or casual it is.

No matter the size, theme or whether it is simple or grand your party will be, planning is a must to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone enjoys it – including you!

If this is your first time throwing a pool party or it’s been a while since you hosted one and you need a refresher, here are some tips on throwing the best pool party:

  1. Create a guest list and send invitations.

How many people do you want to invite? Who do you want to invite? Will it be an adults only party or are kids welcomed? The more people you invite, the more that will come. Parties with more attendees require more preparation and costs more.

The size of your pool and yard will need to be able to accommodate all the guests. This may be something worth considering how big your party should be.

Fun, memorable parties are those that are organized with all the logistics and details nailed out ahead of time. You’ll have to decide on the menu, snacks and drinks that will be served.  Plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils will need to be purchased.  Decorations will need to be bought, assembled and put up. Music will need to be selected and played.

The more that gets done in advance, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your own party.

  1. Make it fun.

Parties that are themed are not only easier and more fun to plan, but they make the party more memorable. Pick an appropriate menu and decorations. You can even ask guests to dress up according to the theme.

  1. Recruit help.

The planning process will go smoother if the planning work is divided up between multiple people. One person can be in charge of drinks, another in charge of helping to prepare the food, someone else can be in charge of games at the party, someone else can help set up and another help clean up.

  1. Make it tidy.

A week before the party, tidy up your backyard and get your pool clean. Cut the grass, hang lights, sweep the patio and the pool deck, remove unnecessary outdoor furniture, remove wires and possible tripping hazards.

Before the party, check your pool chemicals such as calcium, chlorine and pH levels. The most convenient way to do this is by water test strip kits. A pool water with a chlorine level of 3 ppm is ideal for swimming.

  1. Practice and enforce safety.

A fun, amazing party can become a disaster should something happen to a guest. Take proactive measures to ensure the safety of each guest. This means constantly supervising children, asking guests who have had a drink to not drive home, removing all possible tripping hazards, having a working phone by the pool at all times, and ensuring that the area around the pool is clear of unnecessary clutter.

Be respectful of your neighbors and keep the music to a reasonable level. Ending the party at a reasonable hour is also a good way to respect your guests’ time.

Hosting a pool party is a great way to bring people together. Proper preparation, delegation, cleaning and keeping guests safe will make your pool party amazing.

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