Top 5 Pool Games This Summer

Cannon ball contests and the classic game of Marco Polo are always fun, but make your swimming pool THE place to be this summer with some great new pool games. They are bound to please both young and old swimmers and keep things fun and exciting all summer long!


Ladder Ball

This camping classic now comes in a floating version perfect for your backyard pool. With color coated rungs for easy score keeping its time to make brackets and get your pool ladder ball tournament underway.


Rock and Roller

The Swimline Rock and Roller will allow you to create your own version of WipeOut right at home. The durable build allows for rough water play, so don’t be afraid to show everyone your skills and see who can stay on the longest.


Poolside Basketball

A poolside basketball game is no-fail choice. With the new challenge of a water court, a game of hoops has never been so much fun (and a good workout)!


Pool Volleyball

Set, Spike, and Splash away…. Turning your pool into a volleyball court will allow for a great time.  Whether you want a large net that spans the entire width of your pool or a simple floating version, we have what you need!
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