What is a Chemical Feeder?

Chemical Feeder - Jandy ChemlinkThe main function of a chemical feeder is to dispense either chlorine or bromine chemicals into you swimming pool. A chemical feeder gives a pool owner a break from having to continually check on chemicals because it will automatically adjust the chemicals on its own. The pool owner still should monitor the chemicals regularly with a water test kit at least two times a week. The test results would indicate how often chemicals need to be added.

Sunplay carries two types of pool chemical feeders: In-line and Off-line. An In-line feeder provides a more direct chemical feed as it is usually installed with new pool construction and built right into the plumbing. In-line feeders take up less space, and are recommended for smaller swimming pools or hot tubs. An Off-line feeder provides more of an indirect feed because it is connected to the pool plumbing through some type of hosing; therefore it isn't restrictive to new pool construction. Existing pool owners can benefit from them as well. Off-line feeders can hold more chemicals and are recommended for larger swimming pools.

A pool owner should be mindful that the chemical feeder should be proportionate to their swimming pools or hot tub size. If one is too big, then it could cause too much chemical to be dispersed into the water. On the flip side, a feeder that is too small for a pool would result in not enough chemical in the water. It is very important to be sure that chemicals are balanced in the water to avoid possible thriving bacteria which could lead to discomforts for swimmers such as skin irritations, discolored hair, irritated eyes and even illness. Improper chemical adjustments could also be costly to a pool owner as it could damage parts of a pool system.

The nameplate on a chemical feeder should indicate the amount of chemical the device can release at any given time. Look for GMP (gallons per minute) or GPH (gallons per hour) when shopping for your chemical feeder.

Adding chemicals must be done. Manual chemical addition can be more time consuming than using feeders. Sunplay carries In-line and Off-line chemical feeders which are NSF approved, and will make keeping up with your chemical needs much easier. Our Pentair Rainbow and CMP Power Clean products help ensure that your pool is ready for safe swimming.
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