What is Pool Ozone?

Pool ozoneSwimming Pool Ozonators or pool ozone generators as they are also known by are a great sanitizer option for providing your swimming pool with safe, clean water using 60-90% less chlorine than a traditional chlorine sanitizer system, eliminating itchy eyes, skin irritation, and chlorine odor.

What is Ozone?

Good question!  Ozone is created when an ordinary oxygen molecule is broken apart by electrical energy, sparking a chemical reaction. A high-energy electrical discharge causes an oxygen molecule to split dividing it into two separate oxygen atoms, these atoms unite with the remaining oxygen molecules creating a three atom molecule of ozone. There is a weak bond that holds the molecules together and it is very unstable which actually allows it to work great as an oxidizer. When these oxygen molecules (ozone) collide with contaminants in your swimming pool water, like algae, fungus, viruses, and bacteria only the oxygen molecule is left behind killing the organic molecule.

By ozone helping to oxidize the contaminants in your swimming pool water it cuts down on the need for higher levels of chlorine. With a properly sized pool ozone system running at least 6 hours per day chlorine levels are recommended to be maintained at just 1 (ppm) part per million. Pool ozone is produced by water moving through the system so the swimming pool pump does need to run for at least 6 hours a day for it to be effective, longer is even better allowing for more ozone to more effectively sanitize your swimming pool.

Allowing chlorine levels to be 60-90% lower than with a traditional chlorine sanitizing system helps avoid any chemical smell or feeling in the water, allowing for a fresh soft feel in the water.  The low amount of chlorine will also solve problems like itchy skin or eyes, while still keeping your swimming pool water clean and healthy. Pool ozone is a great option for those looking for a low chemical sanitizing option for their pool and it is also considered fairly low maintenance.
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