Why You Should Add an Ozonator to Your Pool

Pool Ozonator

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a terrific way to treat yourself, your family and your friends. Whether it's summer barbecues or a healthy lifestyle swimming daily laps, a pool can bring you years of enjoyment and satisfaction. However, in order to properly care for your pool, you must be willing to keep the water free of harmful bacteria, algae, and other pollutants that can cloud the water and make it unsafe for swimming. There are various methods for doing so, and a majority of them include a plethora of chemicals. In today's busy world, though, it's easy to get sidetracked with tasks that rank higher in priority than keeping your pool clean, so why not shelve all of the confusing chemical cocktails and let an ozonator to do the job for you?

What Is an Ozonator?

If you are confused about how an ozonator is different from typical pool cleaners, consider that they are able to safely clean your pool water by using 60-90 percent less chlorine than traditional chlorine-based sanitation systems. The way this product works is by generating ozone through a pump with an electrical current, which creates a chemical reaction by breaking apart an oxygen molecule. Using a high-energy electrical discharge, an ozonator causes an oxygen molecule to split into two separate oxygen atoms. These atoms then unite with the remaining oxygen molecules in the water, creating a three-atom molecule of ozone. When these floating molecules adhere with pollutants in your swimming pool, the contaminants are eliminated, and what's left behind is solely an oxygen molecule.

Why Use Ozone?

There are several chemicals on the market that claim to sanitize your pool, but none of them are as effective as using ozone. Two ozonators, the Del Ozone Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse, prove especially effective by neutralizing contaminants ranging from bodily fluids and cosmetics to organic materials like algae. These ozonators stand out, again, by using natural methods with no harmful residue, so they are safe to use around the whole family. Using ozone will also eliminate the red, stinging eyes often associated with a surplus of chlorine. Finally, using ozone instead of chemicals frees up a lot of the guesswork in repeatedly testing the water and measuring particular chemicals to achieve an accurate sanitizing mixture.

Easy Maintenance

The simple fact is that using a Del Ozone Eclipse or a Solar Eclipse will free up time and frustration--the burdens of chemical maintenance. An ozonator is simple to maintain once properly fitted and installed. Since it works by creating ozone from water moving through the system, the pool pump should run for at least six hours per day for optimum efficiency. To truly maximize your ozonator, pair it with a small dose of chlorine or the ultraviolet rays in the Solar Eclipse. Your pool will be so clear, it will be hard to tell where the pool ends and the sky begins.

Having the right size ozonator properly installed in your backyard swimming pool will not only take the confusing guesswork out of keeping your pool clear and clean, you'll rarely have to think about it since it runs on its own. Using a low-maintenance sanitizing system assures you that your pool is always clean and ready for that next big jump off the high dive.

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