Why you should “Like” our Sunplay Facebook Page?

Sunplay FacebookI know, I know, you have five hundred things you don’t really care about popping up in your Facebook news feed every day, so do I!  So why should you “like” Sunplay Facebook and make it five- hundred and one things you don’t care about popping up?

Because we won’t be number five-hundred-one Sunplay content is things you will care about!  We don’t post spam, or clutter your news feed with a bunch of silly pictures of our cats and dogs, we post content that pool owners like you care about, plus we post great coupons and awesome giveaways!

Sunplay on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sunplay

Content You Care About

Every week we post an informative article on our blog about swimming pool products, maintenance, or pool care that is helpful for you as a pool owner.  Each week when the article is posted, we will let you know via our Sunplay Facebook newsfeed the subject of the article simply inviting you over to our blog to read it. If it is not something you are interested in right then simply scroll past, or make a mental note and visit the article in the future when you need the information. If it peeks your interest one simple click puts the article at your fingertips.

Coupons= $$$

Periodically, we offer great discounts on our already great prices! As a Sunplay Facebook follower you will get exclusive coupons that only Sunplay Facebook fans receive. We will post these coupons right on our page allowing you to reference them anytime you are making a purchase. Who doesn't love to save some moo la whenever they can?

Giveaways= FREE stuff

And who doesn’t like a little free swag?  This week on our Sunplay Facebook page we gave away two floating basketball games, completely FREE, no gags or gimmicks here, our giveaways are just that GIVEAWAYS! They are just a way for us to say thank you for being our customer, and thank you for liking our Sunplay Facebook page. So as a Sunplay Facebook follower you will be eligible for future giveaways and see when they are going on in your news feed.

So hopefully that is enough to win you over---useful helpful information about your pool, discounts on items you are already purchasing, and free stuff! How could it get any better??? Hurry on over and “like” our Sunplay Facebook page today!
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