Zinka Nosecoat: Stay Sunburn Free With Style

Remember those scenes in movies or visits to the beach featuring bleach-haired lifeguards with sunblock rubbed on their nose, leaving a white residue on its bridge? Didn’t that seem like such a novelty in the 80s? It turns out, wearing a zinc oxide based nosecoat is not only popular nowadays, but can be beneficial for your health.

Add in some colored Zinka nosecoat, available in 12 bright and fun colors, and you’ve got the added advantage of style.

Zinc oxide based nosecoats are different than your average sunscreen because they’re not rated on the SPF scale. SPF is a measurement of how much sun is blocked out by the sunscreen, ranging from 93% in an SPF 15 sunscreen to SPF 50 which blocks out 98% of UVA/UVB rays. Zinka nosecoat actually blocks out 100% of UVA/UVB rays which is why it doesn’t have an SPF rating.

Zinka emerged when the nosecoat trend began in the late 1980s. Their spin on the classic beach look was to add colors to the standard formula: hues like electric blue, army green, and hot pink. They’ve been making zinc oxide colored sunblock ever since.

The company’s mission statement is clear and emphatic. Zinka aims “to create sunscreen formulas using zinc oxide technology and to develop convenient and effective applications that make using sunscreen an easy, safe and important part of your everyday.”

Zinka nosecoat offers water-resistance and powerful sun care in one fun, .60 oz tube. The zinc oxide in the formula forms a natural barrier on the skin that protects not only from the sun by reflecting its rays but from wetness. It doesn’t absorb into the skin the same way a normal sunscreen lotion would and is non-irritating. The broad spectrum UVA and UVB is safe and effective for all ages, even kids 6 months and older. Zinc oxide is a recommended ingredient by The Skin Cancer Foundation, one that the SCF tells parents to look for when picking a sunscreen for children.

Other ingredients include beeswax, aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter in addition to being alcohol-free so you can avoid that unpleasant stinging feeling. It’s endorsed by dermatologists, pro athletes, and “outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.” On Zinka’s blog, they have sponsored athletes using their product ranging from wakeboarders, surfers, kayakers, and snowboarders. It works in rain and shine, extreme heat and freezing cold.

Additional notes:

  • Since it’s water resistant, remove Zinka nosecoat with either baby wipes or paper/cloth towels.
  • After being tested by Consumer Reports Health, Zinka was found to contain no nanoparticles that are thought to harm ocean corals.
  • Zinka is excellent when protecting any scars that you want to keep out of the sun.
  • The colors give coverage and are stylish—a popular combination among high school athletes (either in or out of the water) who want to show school spirit.
  • Keep these small tubes out of reach from any pets who may try to chew on them if they’re left on the floor or in an accessible bag. Zinc oxide is toxic to cats and dogs in certain doses.

Which color will you choose?

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