Hydration Packs

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Hydration Packs

Whether paddleboarding for recreation, racing competitively, or other outdoor activity, staying hydrated is of vital importance. One reason people give for not staying adequately hydrated during exercise is that it’s difficult to keep a water bottle conveniently within reach. This problem can be easily solved by using a hydration pack. At Sunplay, we carry both waist and shoulder packs in up to 100 ounce capacities that are both functional and attractive.

The body loses water any time you sweat, breathe, or go to the bathroom. You lose more of this water more rapidly when the weather is hot or your heart rate is elevated for an extended period of time. Your body depends on water for survival and whatever you lose needs to be replenished. If that doesn’t happen, you can become dehydrated which leads to a slew of adverse complications.

We carry hydration packs by reputable brands like CamelBak, Dakine, and Quiksilver. The hydration packs come with two options—a backpack version that holds the water bladder slung across the shoulders and a belted pack one that is secured around the waist.

The benefits of the back pack hydration systems are that they have room for large hydration bladders. They also have room for extra gear, which is ideal on long paddleboarding trips or extended day-long (or longer) excursions. For paddleboarders who don’t like the weight of the back pack shifting on their shoulders while they paddle, the belted waist hydration pack is an excellent alternative that is designed specifically for stand up paddleboarders.

The waist packs hold a smaller bladder, but the bulk of it is more out of the way than a traditional back pack. It can be combined with your personal flotation device (PFD) in addition to other small items and is popular with competitive paddlers. Some versions even have a hydration reservoir and spot for an additional hand-held water bottle. The hose for the bladder comes with an attachment that can hang from your neck or fasten to a shirt or racing jersey.

A hydration pack is a must-have accessory for any athlete. You cannot perform your best without proper hydration and a hydration pack is an excellent way to always keep your water at hand. Designed for any athletic situation and manufactured by trustworthy brands, any choice you make is sure to be a good one.