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Functions as required

Straight forward replacement (warmed 20 year old PVC pipes slightly to aid istallation). Slightly noisier than the previous pump, but satisfactory water flow.

NOCO G7200

Charge’s well not sure if it actually repairs batteries
But overall I’m satisfied

we just had the pool replastered & can’t install the Aquanaut for 4 more weeks

Hayward Hose Filter Kit TVX7000HFA-01


This cleaner is awesome! I have a 30 ft inground pool and it handles it with no problem. My cord does not tangle, and it cleans the sides also. Great investment as I almost went back to my old pressure cleaner which did half of what this cleaner does!

The real deal item!

Our kids had too many friends over last season and the pool suffered some damage.
I have patched 24 small and large spots in my pool last summer with this glue and all are holding perfect.
This thing is a beast and I will never use other for my repairs.

Thank You….

Thank You...

Balboa Control Panel 54268

Gecko transformer

Product arrived on time and was just what I ordered. One issue was the ground wire was cut. Very strange. But not a big deal. I just used a butt connector

Great Swimming pool testing kit

It was easy to setup and easy to use following the quick guide provided.

Should have purchased an impeller seal kit, but easy to install

Good prices

Timely delivery along with good price.

Worked like a charm

Hot tub had been tripping the breaker and when the original 20 year old heater was connected. This heater is a great price and does a fine job. Tub is now nice and hot.

Great service, great product, very prompt delivery- thank you!!

Product was fine … but took forever to get here.

Product was fine … but took forever to get here.

Works Great!

Ordered this for my Evolution spa that had its original heating element go out. This is a same model that was replaced and fit and works great. Worth buying the extended warranty.

Replacement part

Fit perfectly. Seems to be better quality than the one it replaced.

Another great purchase !!!

So, I called these guys a few days before Christmas trying to get my brother one of these for his hot tub, the woman on the phone was very nice and told me she couldn't promise it by Christmas, but she would definitely try. Well, it arrived three days later and in time for Christmas. Very VERY happy with this company. The product works great and a complete no brainer for a hot tub. I had problems buying things for my hot tub in the past, other companies were extremely hard to get ahold of and the parts that were promised either didn't show up or took forever to arrive. These guys will get all my business and now my brothers as well. GREAT COMPANY, GREAT PEOPLE!!! Thank you

Waterway Aboveground Skimmer Basket

This is the best made Aboveground skimmer basket I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing/using in my life. It will work in a variety of skimmers, not just waterway. I specifically placed it in a Hayward Aboveground Widemouth, and the difference in quality between this basket and Hayward OEM baskets is unbelievable!!!!

OEM Hayward Skimmer Basket

This is definitely the best of the OEM Hayward aboveground skimmer baskets. Still be very careful to not let it fill for any amount of time, or it will crack right down the middle.

Biodex Sparkle Shine

Amazing Product, best clarifier and weekly treatment product I’ve found thus far!

Hayward Skimmer Basket/Aboveground

Sunplay provided the exact OEM product, but as per usual it broke before the year was out.

Hayward 2-Way PVC Diverter Valve 1-1/2" x 2" - PSV2SDGR

Pentair Skimmer Lid With Thermometer L1 - White