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Pool float-sailing bouy

We use these markers for sailing course marks for RC sail boats. We use 3/4” pvc pipe through the center with a small lead sinker on one end, this floats the marker vertically. We leave the marks in the lake year round for about three seasons, then replace them.

Quick delivery and exactly what I ordered... highly recommend

Perfect service

Shipping cost just too expensive

Filbur Filter PC-0359

These are my sixth pair of TYR Tracer Goggles, they work really well for me .

Loved it! Worked better than I thought it would!!

Motor blocks are costly

This motor block installed with ease it fit like a glove. My Polaris 9300 sport was brought back to life! Unit is now working beautifully but warranty short life has me keeping my fingers crossed.

Power supply

Have not used it yet. Waiting to install it this summer

Perfect replacement

This kit replaced an old Fiberstar fiber optic light set. It took me about 2 hrs to install. Everything went into place without any issues.
The new LED lights are much brighter than the fiber optic and there's no loud bulb cooling fan. Not sure how they do it but Sunplay's price is $200 better than every one else.

Good Quality Union

This is a good quality union. I looked at the cheaper options on-line. I think it's worth the extra money. Make sure you purchase seal conditioner for the o-ring.

Prompt delivery

basketball hoop

kids and grandkids loved playing basketball in the pool. Worth every cent, Kids played for hours. Quality was adequate for the price. Would recommend buying.

Easy install,

I have this unit connected to my easy touch panel where the breaker panel is powered. It is installed at the bottom of the cabinet (only access to the breaker panel) The green light is pointed down but it can still be seen if you look for it ( the light will go out if it needs to be replaced)
Here in florida during the rainy season lightning and power outages are a common thing. I now have these intermatic surge protectors on my AC units, well pumps and Pool. ( all the large load devices which can't be plugged into a surge protector. Only time will tell but for now it does provide some peace of mind.

Lube Tube


Solar Cover Reel Strap Kit

I wrote a review a few days ago stating that the 26" straps were too short for my situation; I even called the seller to confirm that the strap length was 26". However, upon opening the package and checking the actual length of the straps, I found that the straps are actually closer to 60" in length----which is a much more appropriate length. So I retract my prior review and now think that the kit works very well. The seller should, however, update the online description of the product.

Not SO Great

Well, a bit sorry to say this wasn't what I bargained for. Aside from the adaptors not fitting my 13 thousand gallon pool inlets, and the couple of hours rigging up something that would work, the plastic base that holds the fountain seemed to get most of the water falling on it. So, instead of having the nice splashing sound of water on water, it was more like water on plastic.....not very soothing......stick with one that does not need the pool pump to run it......battery or solar powered would work much better.....and add some lights!!!!!just sayin.....

Solar Cover Reel Strap Kit

The 26" long straps were too short to allow them to be wrapped once around the reel and then down to connect to the pool cover. I contacted Sunplay and they said that the straps only come in a 26" length. It's not a big problem as I just bought a roll of 3/4" strapping and will cut it to fit what I need. Seems odd the straps don't come somewhat longer. Otherwise, a good design.

Review update

Update to previous comment. I was surprised to find out that the salt cell had calcium buildup. I acid washed the salt cell twice and hooked it back up and everything is now good to go! Yay!!!

doing the job ---- thanks

doing the job ---- thanks

Stains Eradicated

Awesome natural product! It even made the main drain covers bright white again!!

Dolphin Remote Controller

Very difficult to control. Won't turn with moving forward or reverse. Then when you go the opposite direction it merely retraces it's steps. Can't tell that I am doing anything wrong. The Dolphin does a very good job cleaning but has difficulty returning to the shallow end of our pool. Thought the remote would help, but not much so far.

Part works good

I just wish it was faster getting here.

Works extremely well I’am well

Works extremely well I’am well pleased

it arrived what else can

it arrived what else can I say

Fast delivery

Thanks for the fast delivery. Aqua finesse is in blue colored not see thru bottles.