Pentair Acu-Trol Chemical Control System AK600-PS-A2

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Pentair Acu-Trol Chemical Control System AK600-PS-A2

The Acu-Trol AK600 is the most advanced multiple pool controller available, providing the ultimate in equipment room automation. Up to sixteen output relay combinations, configurable for up to six types of control. The AK600 can be customized for any facility, with voltage-configurable control relays and bi-directional control, database information options accessible via direct link, dial-up, wireless modem and ethernet connectivity. With control of chemicals, pumps, filters, heaters, air handlers, chloramine reduction systems and the ability to interface with building management systems for up to 3 bodies of water, the AK600 completes any aquatic facility.

Acu-Trol Chemical Controllers are the advanced choice for aquatic facilities worldwide. This efficient system interface seamlessly protects, monitors and manages water chemical balance in aquatic environments and infrastures. The Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Chemical Controller is compatible with the commercial IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generators, Rainbow erosion feeders and/or liquid feed pumps for liquid chlorine or acid.

Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Standard Features:
• AcuCom software
• Control System for two bodies of water.
• Programmable pH, ORP and temperature set points
• Programmable proportional feed for precise chemical feed
• Programmable acid, CO2 or base feed for pH control
• Relay configuration shortcuts with Acu-Trol Wizards
• Auto backwash filters for up to two bodies of water
• Flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves, inlet strainer and sampling port
• 16 relays with three (3) voltage configurations

Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Features:
• Sensors - The AK600 sensors are capable of measuring ORP, pH, free chlorine, conductivity, temperature, flow rate and pressure.
• Flow Cell - The AK1200™ offers inlet and outlet valves for sensor protection and third outlet for ease of water sampling.
• Relays - Customized relay control for up to 96 combinations.
• Colorimetric Compatible - Compatible with the AKColor Colorimetric PPM sensing measurement system for free and total chlorine.
• Readings - The AK600 displays the Puckorius, Langelier or Ryzner indexes and differential influent and effluent pressure.
• Data Recording - In the absence of power, the AK600 will retain programming information, calibration, and recorded data.
• Alarms - Alarms are activated by sensor measurements and will communicate at two hour increments until alarm is cleared.
• Communication - The AK600 communicates using the AcuCom and AcuManage II. Software packages provide wireless communication with modem modules.
• Security - Password protected allows limited access.

Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Programmability:
• ORP calibration
• pH, ORP and temperature set point
• ORP super-chlorination
• PPM control
• Temperature calibration
• Proportional feed
• Feeder ON and OFF times
• Mix times and cycle times
• Overfeed lock out times
• Acid/Base feed pH control
• Auto backwash filter settings
• Water level
• Auto probe clean
• 16 pager numbers
• 7 passwords

Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Alarms:
• pH Alarms - pH set point ± percentages Overfeed disables pH feed Flow switch disables pH feed High pH disables feed.
• ORP Alarms - ORP set point ± percentages Overfeed disables disinfectant feed Flow switch disables feed.

Flow Cells Features:
• Convenient inlet and outlet ports
• Built-in flow switch to disable feed in no flow conditions
• Sample port for testing
• Clear acrylic viewing jar

Sensors Included:
• pH and ORP
• Temperature
• Flow

Acu-Trol AK600-PS-A2 Options
• AcuManage II Website - Notification alarms and sensor readings AcuManage II available via wireless or AcuPortcommunication only.
• AcuPort Connectivity - Ethernet, WiFi or RS422/485
• Input/Output Modules - AK245 Quad 4-20mA/O-5VDC output - AK250 Quad 4-20mA/0-5VDC input
• Acu-Trol Absorb It - Controls the Acu-Trol’s Absorb It system for the use of CO2 for optimal pH and alkalinity control
• AKColor Sensor - The AKColor Colorimetric sensor system measures PPM of free chlorine with the DPD (N, N-DIETHYL-P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE) test.
• Influent/Effluent Pressure Sensor - Pressure information for control of an automatic backwash.
• Optical Level Sensor - Measurement and automatic control of water level.
• Digital Flow Sensor - Displays flow rate in gallons per minute.
• Conductivity Sensor - Measurement of water TDS.
• Premounting - Mounted on easy to install polypropylene predrilled board.
• Serial Printer - On site printer capability with separate module.

AcuCom and AcuManage II:
Access essential water chemistry information instantly. AcuCom and AcuManage II provide interactive control of multiple-bodies of water with the click of a mouse from any PC. View multiple locations at once and manage water chemistry without unnecessary service calls. With an optional wireless modem or the AcuPort, the data management system goes mobile and completes the equipment room package.
• Remote access from AcuCom software packages (requires optional communication modules)
• System will call out alarm conditions to 4 pager numbers or e-mail addresses
• Over 30 days of data can be internally stored in two (2) hour intervals or 15 days in one (1) hour intervals

Acu-Trol Optional Connections:
The Acu-Trol AcuPort provides connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi or RS-422/485 communication interfaces. The port provides dedicated communication to either the AK110, AK600 or AK400 controller. New features for the AcuCom software application offers direct connection via TCP/IP. Acu-Trol AcuPort.

Pentair 701000180

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