AquaFinesse - Swim Spa Water Care System

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AquaFinesse - Swim Spa Water Care System

Product Features:

  • Eliminates need for time-consuming maintenance process
  • Keeps water clean and clear by loosening biofilm in your spa
  • Reduces chlorine usage by up to 60%
  • Softens water for more comfortable bathing experience
  • Helps maintain water balance

Included in Water Care System:

  • Water care tablets (20)
  • Filter cleaning tablets (10)
  • Insta-test 4 plus test strips (50 in kit)

How the product works:

The AquaFinesse system works by dislodging slimy layers of biofilm from where they’re attached to keep your hot tub water clean. It is gentle, eco-friendly, and an effective water care solution.


  1. Ensure the spa is free of visible debris (floating or along the floor) and that the filter is clean
  2. Balance your sim spa water for alkalinity, pH and total hardness
  3. Apply approved sanitizer to the water per the manufacturer’s instructions and check that level on a regular basis
  4. Add 1 Aquafinesse swim spa tablet per 2,500 gallons of water to the skimmer basket or a floating dispenser. Turn on the jets for a minimum of two minutes to activate the product.
  5. Rinse your hot tub filter once a week to ensure total sanitation and clean your filters with the included fitness tablets once a month

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