Pentair SunTouch Solar Control System 520856

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Pentair SunTouch Solar Control System 520856

Make the most of the sun's energy with the Pentair SunTouch Solar automation system. Simply set the digitally-controlled thermostat at a comfortable temperature, and SunTouch Solar will monitor the temperature of your solar collectors and your pool. Whenever the sun offers sufficient energy for effective heating, SunTouch Solar controls a motorized valve, sending filtered water to the solar collectors. Should clouds or wind reduce ambient temperatures, the system shuts the valve to prevent cool water from entering the pool. You'll never have to worry again about turning your solar system on or off.

SunTouch Solar Features:
  • One-touch function control'no complicated menus or command sequences.
  • Temperature control can be set in one-degree increments.
  • Motorized valve actuator is rugged and weatherproof.
  • Unique Solar Valve with Teflon seal for years of maintenance-free operation.

Additional options include:
  • Pool cleaner pump protection prevents damage to your pool cleaner pump that can result from air in the solar collectors at start-up. (Requires additional relay kit.)
  • Solar booster pump an economical solution for systems that require extra flow to achieve top performance. (Activated only when solar energy is available.)

SunTouch Solar automation system provides set it and forget it convenience by knowing exactly when to turn your system on and off.

Standard system components include:
  • Power Center/Control Panel digital controls allow you to set your desired pool temperature and solar temperature differentials at the touch of a button, and automatically send water to the solar collectors when conditions are just right.
  • 3-Way valve
  • One motorized valve actuator built to last with sturdy steel gears, a highly efficient low-voltage motor, service switch for flow direction and a weatherproof composite enclosure.
  • Water and solar temperature sensors constantly monitor the temperature of your solar collectors and pool for more precise heating.

Pentair 520856

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