Polaris Turbo Turtle

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Polaris Turbo Turtle

The Turbo Turtle is designed for above ground vinyl and fiberglass pools and operates using your pools already existing equipment. It is easy to use and connects to your pool in minutes.

It works by using the water pressure from your pools return fitting to power the cleaner and move it around the pool. It uses Polaris's jet sweep assembly that blows water against the pool surface to loosen debris in hard to reach areas and captures dirt and debris in the easy to clean filter bag. The debris is picked up and removed from the pool surface without reaching and clogging up your pool pump or filter.

Turbo Turtle Features:
  • Above ground automatic swimming pool cleaner
  • Works on vinyl or fiberglass pools up to 5 feet deep, even those with an uneven bottom
  • Sweeps pool in less than three hours
  • Easy to use and hooks up in no time
  • Jet sweep technology loosens dirt and debris
  • Filter bag catches dirt and debris
  • Simple to remove and clean filter bag
  • Operates using your existing pump and filter system (no extra equipment to buy)
  • Connects to your pools existing, 1.5" threaded return fitting, leaving your skimmer free to eliminate surface debris
  • Includes 24 feet of hose
Polaris 6-130-00T

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