ProTeam Di-Chlor 1 lb (Granular Chlorine)

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ProTeam Di-Chlor 1 lb (Granular Chlorine)

ProTeam Di-Chlor, also called granular chlorine, works quickly and efficiently to sanitize your spa. With ProTeam's high-quality granular chlorine, there is no need to pre-dissolve before applying it to your spa's water, like some of the lesser brands out there.

ProTeam Di-Chlor Features:
  • Active Ingredient - Sodium Dichlor-S-Triazinetrione, Dihydrate 99%
  • Fast-acting, quick to dissolve
  • No need to pre-dissolve before adding to spa
Dosage Amount:
For the initial application in your spa, it is recommended to super chlorinate in order to satisfy chlorine-demand and to establish a disinfecting chlorine residual of 1 ppm - 2 ppm available chlorine. ProTeam Di-Chlor should be added daily or as needed at the rate of roughly .25 oz per 500 gallons of water. This will help you to maintain a constant chlorine residual of 1 ppm - 2 ppm as determined by a suitable spa water test kit.

Note: If you compare ProTeam chemicals with other spa chemical manufacturers, you'll quickly discover that ProTeam Di-Chlor offers the best value for the money.

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