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Item Details

StrikeAlert - Personal Lightning Detector

The personal lightning detector provides an early warning of approaching lightning strikes from as far away as 40 miles away, and lets you know if the storm is coming your way.

When lightning is detected, it will let you know if the lighting is within 6 miles, 6 to 12 miles, 12 to 24 miles, and 24 to 40 miles away. This indicator light will stay lit for 2 minutes or until another strike is detected. StrikeAlert will sound a tone indicating the strike distance with one beep if the strike is in the 24-40 mile range, two beeps will indicate a strike in the 12-24 mile rang, three beeps will indicate a strike in the 6-12 mile range and four beeps indicates a strike is in the 0-6 mile range. The unit also has LED indicator lights to inform you of the strike distance.

The StrikeAlert is lightweight, compact and can clip onto your belt, backpack, golf bag or anywhere else you want it. The durable impact-resistant design is design to handle all types of outdoor activities.

StrikeAlert Features:
  • Detects lightning strikes up to 40 miles away.
  • 360 Degree lightning detection - no blind spots.
  • LED Indicator lights show the distance of the lightning strike.
  • Audible alarm sounds before and while lightning is within striking distance.
  • Power is provided by two AAA batteries and can provide up to 100 hours of reliable operation.
  • Four modes that include On, On with Tone, Off and Storm Direction.
  • Storm direction function lets you know if the storm is heading towards you or away.
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty.
StrikeAlert uses a trend of strike distances over the last five minutes to determine if a storm is approaching, departing, stationary or there is no activity. After the unit has been turned on, holding the button down for two seconds will result with the LED display changing to one of three patterns:
  • If the LED cycles from green to red, the storm is approaching.
  • If the LED cycles from red to green, the storm is departing.
If the LED cycles from the center LED to the outside LEDs, the storm is stationary or there’s not enough data to determine the direction of the storm. Direction cannot be determined if there has not been enough strikes to identify a trend or StrikeAlert has not been running long enough. Approximately five minutes is needed in the presence of lightning strikes to determine direction.

How does it work? When a lightning strike is detected, StrikeAlert will light the appropriate LED indicating the distance of the strike. This LED will remain lit for two minutes, unless another strike occurs during that time. If a more recent strike is farther away, the LED indicating this distance will light for two seconds, and then return to complete the two minutes from the nearest strike. If a more recent strike is nearer, it will replace the previous LED reading. This LED indicator will be held for two minutes. This allows the user to see all the lightning activity within a 40 mile range, giving clearer visibility to the nearest strike in the last two minutes. If the power switch is in the “On with Tone” position, StrikeAlert will also generate tone(s) indicating the distance of the strike along with lighting the appropriate LED. This allows you to determine the storm's activity without having to monitor the LEDs.

Lightning detectors should be used during many outdoor activities including outdoor sporting events, baseball, golf, swimming, hiking, paddleboarding, cycling, camping, boating walking, fishing, farming, and outdoor construction and many more... These activities give you increased risk to lightning strikes. Another common use for lightning detectors is by organizers of concerts and sporting events to give another layer of protection for their participants.

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