The Best Way to Cool Down a Swimming Pool

The Best Way to Cool Down a Swimming Pool

When you envisioned your sparkling swimming pool in your backyard, you could probably already feel the refreshing water cooling you off on those hot summer days. However, it can be disappointing when you instead find yourself submerged in an oversized pool of lukewarm bath water. If you are an owner who consistently finds the water in your pool too hot, consider why the water temperature is rising, then opt for one of the various methods for cooling your pool.


Why Is the Pool Water So Hot?

There are three main reasons why your pool water gets so tepid during those extreme summer months. A pool cover or pool heater may be to blame, but you can simply remove or switch those off and your problem is solved. However, what do you do when it's the third reason: outside temperature? If your pool is less than six feet deep, then the sun acts as a heating element, elevating the temperature of the entire body of water. Fortunately, there are a few methods available to control this annoyance.


Pool Cooler

If you want optimum efficiency, then the best way to go is by investing in a pool cooler such as the Glacier Pool Cooler. These devices will lower your pool's water temperature by a noticeable 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. They work by passing the flowing water through the unit's fan, which instantly removes any heat. The water is then released back into the main body of water.

Not only does a pool cooler effectively cool the water, but it can also save you 20-25 percent on chemical consumption by making the pool water chemistry much easier to maintain. For those who are worried about the pool water getting a little too chilly, fear not -- pool coolers come installed with temperature control in order to prevent the water from reaching uncomfortable levels.

A pool cooler is the best option since it runs with your existing pool operating system and has the greatest and most efficient control over cooling the pool temperature.

How to Cool Down a Swimming Pool

Water Fountain

If you find yourself living somewhere in the country where temperatures don't feel like the inside of an oven, you may not need the drastic temperature drops that a pool cooler provides. A simple way to lower the temperature of your pool is by installing a water fountain feature. Although you won't detect a huge difference, a water fountain, or aerator, is a more budget-friendly option when a few degrees difference is all you want. This method works by evaporating some of the water that circulates through, thus lowering the temperature of the larger body of water. To produce maximum results, run the aerator at night when temperatures are at their lowest.

Swimming Pool Cooler

Remove Heavy Landscaping

One often overlooked method to cool down your pool water is to remove heavy landscaping. Although you may be trying to achieve the look of a tropical oasis, you should carefully consider the disadvantages of all that lush shrubbery. When an abundant amount of landscaping surrounds your swimming pool, it could potentially cause the water to be muggy by trapping in the still air. Swimming pools need fresh, circulating air to remain on the cooler side. This is why, when hot, stale air sits above the water's surface, it will make the whole swimming experience similar to a sticky dip in a tropical rainforest lagoon.

Figuring out how to cool your pool during the hottest months of summer doesn't require a degree in pool maintenance. Once you figure out what you need and how much you are willing to invest, it should be easy to find a solution. In no time, you will be living your fantasy of a cooling respite on an unbearably hot day.
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