Pool Diving Tips: How to Dive Into a Pool

Pool Diving Tips

Learning how to dive into a pool is one of the first swimming pool tips and tricks that most new pool owners want to master. However, before you climb up on the diving board to start learning how to dive, you need to take a few safety precautions. Work your way through these steps in turn to safely and beautifully dive into your pool.

Preparing to Dive

First, check that the water you're planning to dive into is at least 9 feet deep. Diving into shallow water carries a risk of hitting your head on the bottom. You also need to check that you have a clear path, with no people or toys in the water.

Practicing the Diving Motion

Before diving into a swimming pool for real, it's a good idea to practice on dry land. Stand on a soft surface, like grass or carpet, and stand straight with your arms above your head, with your chin tucked in, your upper arms touching your ears and your hands flat against each other. This is how you'll position your body when you dive for real.

Next, lower yourself onto one knee and angle your arms and upper body downward. Roll forward until you are lying on the grass on your belly. This is approximately the path your body will take as you dive into the water.

Diving into a Swimming Pool

Now you're ready to try the dive for real. Start on the side of the pool with your toes overhanging the edge. Crouch down, lean your torso forward, tuck your chin in as before and rock your body forward to glide into the water. Breathe out as you enter the water to keep the water from rushing up your nose and then hold your breath until you resurface.

Once you are comfortable with this crouching dive, try diving from standing. You'll need to stand with one foot slightly forward of the other, but keep the same position with your arms. Push off with your leading foot to give yourself more momentum to complete the dive.

How to Dive into a Pool

Using a Diving Board

If you're ready to put some advanced diving tips into practice, the next step is to try diving from a board. Don't try to run or jump on the board, as you could slip and fall. Instead, walk carefully to the end of the board and stand with your toes on the edge. Bend your knees and jump from the board as you did from the side of the pool. The board's spring will propel you higher into the air, giving you more time to rotate your body forward and enter the water in a more vertical position. Remember to keep your body straight and your head tucked in.

Practicing Your Dives

The more you practice diving into a swimming pool, the more smooth and natural the movement will feel. This summer, spend a few minutes each day practicing diving into the pool and by the end of the season, your family and friends will be admiring your style. Don't forget to follow all the usual swimming pool tips, such as regular testing and cleaning of the water, to ensure that your pool is always a pleasant environment to dive into.
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