Why You Should Buy Your Pool Chemicals from a Professional Pool Store Instead of a Big Box Retailer

Why You Should Buy Your Pool Chemicals from a Professional Pool Store Instead of a Big Box Retailer

Sometimes buying in bulk is a great idea. Things like toilet paper, diapers, and paper towels are all things that people hate to run out of, so getting them from a “big box” retailer can keep you from running into that horrible moment when you realize you are down to that last roll. For reasons like this, buying from big box stores is the way to go, but when it comes to purchasing chemicals and treatments for your pool, big box retailers should definitely be avoided.

Your swimming pool is a large investment, so taking care of it by using quality chemicals will keep it functioning efficiently. You may think that all chemicals are the same, so it shouldn’t matter where you buy them from, right? Wrong.

There are several reasons why you should not purchase your pool chemicals from a big box franchise…

1- Quality Over Quantity

When a big box store has a product on their shelf the manufacturer is required to keep it at a certain price point. Because of this, they will often reformulate the product by putting “filler” ingredients into it, so you may be looking at a 50 lb. bucket of chemicals, but the quality of what is inside is diluted and no longer a pure product.

Often the chemicals will contain “hidden” lower-grade fillers. This means you end up using more of the product to do the same job that the chemicals bought at a professional pool store would do in smaller quantities.

Another side-effect from low-quality chemicals comes from the animal fat that is often used in binders, so the more you use, the greater the chance you have of developing an oily film on the surface of the water and around your water line.

2- Use What the Pros Use

If you want your pool to stay clean and crystal clear, you need to use what the professionals use, and you’ll never see us using chemicals bought from a big box franchise. The chemicals stocked on our shelves will be pure, uncut, and without any “mysterious” fillers.

Another advantage of using what pros use is that they are constantly testing and evaluating products in the marketplace, so you know that their product offerings will be top of the line, effective, and reliable.

3- Safe and Undamaged

Poor quality chemicals can be destructive to the liner of your pool or hot tub, but not just your pool, they can also cause damage to your skin, hair, and eyes.

Low-quality chemicals have been known to cause your water to be excessively cloudy and foamy, and who wants to cool off on a hot summer day by jumping into that? High-quality products will give you more control over the condition of your water.

4- Professional Support

When you purchase your products from a pool store, you’ll also get the support of a knowledgeable staff. You can ask questions about which chemicals and treatments would work best for you and get tips on how to keep your pool clean and dazzling for years to come.

Having reliable assistance from those who know the products inside and out, is reassuring and something that should be offered to all of customers. No matter how friendly a staff member may be at a big box store, they most likely know nothing about pool treatments and chemicals.

For example, suppose your pool water looks green and you assume that it is a problem with algae, which seems like a fair assumption. So you got to the big box store and buy algae remover, put it into your pool, but nothing changes. So you buy more and try again, still nothing. Eventually you take a sample of your water to a professional and find out that it is not a problem with algae, but you have copper in your filter aid. Once removed you’ll get your clear water back soon. Coming to us first can save you time and money wasted on the “what’s wrong with my pool” guessing game.

Take it from us, you’ll want to steer clear of the temptation to buy chemicals from big box stores and let Sunplay.com help you keep your pool functioning perfectly, clear, and clean all year long. Contact us for more information on how to take care of your pool.
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